How Does Integrated eCommerce Boost Your Revenue?

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Why is an integrated eCommerce solution so crucial?

There are two ends to running an eCommerce business: the storefront and the backend ERP systems. Many merchants misunderstand that if you have these two systems in place, it is more than enough to run a successful eCommerce business. 

But the truth is, just having the eStore and the ERP system does not do the job at all. What you need is an integrated eCommerce solution

Let's break it down, your eStore is meant for selling the products on the web; simultaneously, an ERP system is meant to have all the information required to run the operations flawlessly. Information like product specifications, pricing, policies, customer details, etc. And it is quite clear that an ERP system despite having all the information, was not developed to sell products. 

The conclusion here is that both eCommerce and ERP platforms were built to serve their own purposes. And what most merchants don't understand, is the wonder of making these two systems work together. It is only possible with integration between the two. 

Many leading brands have implemented and benefitted thoroughly from an integrated eCommerce solution- eCommerce Growth Engine. Brands like Siegers Seeds, a more than 100-year-old company, saw a 20% increase in order volume and a 30% decrease in fulfillment time, and much more. 

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What is integrated eCommerce?

An integrated eCommerce solution is a one-stop solution for all your business problems. It bridges the gap between an ERP system and an eCommerce platform, where it uses ERP's business logic data and information stored to power your online store. 

An integrated eCommerce solution- eCommerce Growth Engine connects both your ERP and eStore and brings the best out of each of them. 

Advantages of integrated eCommerce solution to boost your business

Cost savings of automation: 

Implementing an integrated eCommerce solution ensures every business process to work flawlessly. It equally updates both your ERP and eStore simultaneously. 

For example, integration ensures that sales orders move seamlessly from your website to your warehouse within a few seconds. This eliminates the time and administrative workload of manual data transfer. These automations directly reduce labor and operational cost, thus resulting in savings and business growth. 

Improved customer service:

Integrated eCommerce solution provides you up-to-the-minute product information, real-time inventory availability, order tracking details, updates on your ERP and eCommerce systems. This is a great advantage for your sales and service staff, as they will have all the information they need to provide a prompt and satisfactory customer experience. And the greater truth is, satisfied customers, come back for more!

No chance for errors:

When employees manually feed the orders into your ERP system, errors are most likely to happen. It's obvious to change numbers, enter incorrect quantities, leading to errors while taking information on the shipping address, etc. Human errors can be taken care of, but can’t be eliminated completely. When a B2B business is concerned, such small mistakes can turn into huge disasters. 

An integrated eCommerce solution eliminates manual data entry. Regardless of whether you process 100 or 10,000 orders, it's still the same, fast, efficient, reliable, consistent, and error-free solution. 

Reduce sales cycle: 

When there is no integrated eCommerce solution in place, customers need to be manually guided by your staff. It consumes both time, cost, and efforts to provide all the information a customer needs. Further, if the order quantity is huge, it also requires multiple approvals and sign offs. 

You can reduce these issues with an integrated eCommerce implementation where all the information required by the customer will be readily available on a real-time basis. Next, no manual or paperwork for sign offs is needed, as all the data is stored both on your ERP for internal use and on the eStore for the customer's view. 

Shorten order cycle time and shipping:

There is no need for you to wait until new orders are received and exported with integrated eCommerce. New orders can move flawlessly in real-time to your ERP system. They can easily be picked, packed, and shipped swiftly. Manual entry of orders into ERP and accounting systems delay shipping several days, thus affecting the overall customer experience and operational processes. 

Within integrated eCommerce, order cycles are short, fast, and efficient. 

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How do these benefits contribute to boosting your revenue?

Well, every benefit of integrated eCommerce is directed to save cost, time, and efforts. 

Right from automation, to reduced sales, order and shipping cycles, in every aspect, there are savings. And further improvements in processes that contribute to boost your overall revenue. 

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How to get your integrated eCommerce solution?

Firstly you need to look for an integrated eCommerce solution partner who has enough experience to understand every aspect of the eCommerce industry. 

Well, you don’t have to worry, i95Dev is a perfect eCommerce solution partner with 180+ successful integrations. 

What does i95Dev have to offer? 

i95Dev has developed a complete integrated eCommerce solution- eCommerce Growth Engine (EGE) for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems and for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

With our decades of expertise in the eCommerce industry, we, at i95Dev, came across some common hurdles every eCommerce SMB's go through. We strongly believed there should be a system that should take care of such issues so that the merchants can focus on the other crucial business matters. 

EGE is a customizable feature-rich multi-channel integrated eCommerce solution, compatible for both B2B and B2C businesses. 

Click here to know more about the product and get a free consultation on how it would fit your business.

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