13 Recommended CPM Tools for Powerful KPI Management

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A trend among agile companies is to track performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

If you use a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, this approach will display the hard numbers your company is used to analyzing in your monthly review meetings as well as quickly and clearly revealing how your organization is performing as compared to your goals.

Knowing exactly how your organization’s performance compares to its goals at all times can be a game-changer.

Are you ready to track your KPIs? The first step is to ensure you’re using a recommended CPM software solution that contains at least the 13 most critical KPI planning, tracking, and monitoring tools.


13 CPM Tools for Planning, Tracking and Monitoring Your KPIs

A great CPM tool will provide templates, reports, and dashboards that help you complete your KPI planning, tracking, and monitoring tasks seamlessly.

  1. KPI Strategy and Goals Input Formrecommended CPM software tool for budget strategy target goal KPI

Enter strategies and then enter the associated goals.

  1. Process ManagerMonthly-Reporting-Process-Best-Practices-Planning-Tool

Keep track of deadlines and accountability easily.

KPI Tracking Reports

KPI tracking reports provide the timely alerts you need to ensure that your organization keeps moving forward on expected performance consistently.

  1. KPI Alert Report

alert exception variance financial kpi reportAlert report where the user quickly can see exceptions vs goal (can be budget),

  1. Financial KPI Dashboard

Power BI dashboard kpi financial metricsPower BI dashboard with financial KPIs and direct links to financial reports in Solver.

Curious how an interactive, integrated Financial KPI Dashboard works? There is no need to wonder – you can try it out for yourself, right here!

  1. Top 10 KPI Report with 13-Month Rolling Trend Analysis

13 month trend KPI analysis dashboard

Graphical view of top KPIs with 13-month trend charts that include actual LY and variance.

  1. Big Picture KPI Snapshots

Solver-KPIs-Monthly-Reporting-1Traffic lights indicate issues with KPIs

KPI Monitoring Reports

Long-term KPIs focus on annual goals as well as goals that can extend years into the future. These KPIs are often characterized by incremental progress over time and their long timespans can make them easy to overlook in monthly or weekly progress review meetings.

  1. KPI Actions Current Status Summary

Solver-KPIs-Monthly-Reporting-3KPI status reports help you keep an eye on your progress toward better performance


Learn more about the other recommendations and find report examples in the 13 Recommended CPM Software Tools for Effective KPI Management in 2021.

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