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Warehouse Management Trends for 2021


Is your warehouse ready for new year new challenges?

As the world shifts to more and more online shopping, warehouses are seeing a spike in traffic and the ability to run with the trends and automate their manual process. The future is always uncertain, but perhaps now more than ever. A global pandemic (COVID-19) has simultaneously disturbed the supply-chain industry, re-emphasized its importance, and created entirely new goals and outlooks for years to come. Here are some of the important warehouse management trends of the year 2021.

Trends for 2021:

1. Stronger Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation has been a trend in almost all industries since the previous decade. The continued success indicates that this trend will only get stronger in the coming year. Also, by calculating data from past operations, AI algorithms can perform basic day to day operations automatically. Stronger artificial intelligence saves a large amount of time and eliminates the possibility of human error, thus making the operations more efficient.

2. Advanced-Data Analytics

For a warehouse to run effectively, it needs to fully utilize big data to be able to know how their processes are working and how to improve them. Advancements in data collection and tracking allow more insights into the business as well as boosting predictive analytics

3. Adoption of Blockchain

The primary use of blockchain has been to improve transparency. Its applications can be used in a multitude of industries and can fully streamline how processes work and link them all together in a way that makes sense. Also, the wider acceptance of this technology will allow the supply chains to become more transparent and updated.

4. Robotic Automation

Robotic automation is a growing trend in warehouse technology. It works especially great for previously operator reliant machinery. Also, this robotic automation combines the use of robotics, AI, and machine learning to create a much faster way of picking up or putting back items onto shelving, etc.

5. GO Green

More and more warehouses embracing technology to the point that it eliminates paper and tons of waste. Being digital can save your company’s lots of money and make a drastic impact on the earth by eliminating the amount of paper used and thrown away.

About MetaWMS:

As technologies in warehouse continue to boom and become more advanced, we will see many of these trends and more. The warehouse management software we utilize, MetaWMS continues to keep up with the ever-changing market. Also, MetaWMS can help your warehouse use technology with the integration of Dynamics 365 Business Central to the utmost degree and will allow you to focus on improving processes and speeding up shipments.

The MetaWMS by MetaOption automates manual processes and also enables centralized control and visibility of all warehousing procedures.  Also, it includes various advantages for wholesalers, distributors, merchants, and retailers in moving to automated systems. These companies consider that warehouse has the potential to be transformed from a cost center to a growth center.

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