Dealing (Successfully) with B2B Disruption in 2021

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It was not even a year ago when many B2B organizations wondered if going digital would be a good idea for them. Would it be worth the time and expense to take their already successful marketing online? Or would an online presence increase their customer base and their revenue?

Fast forward one year, and many organizations now realize that online selling is not only a good idea; it can actually be the way to keep afloat during the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether you were considering a digital transformation for your business before this year, or you are now seeing the necessity, we’re here to help. To skip straight to the insights, read our B2B Digital Disruption Survival Guide.

What has changed?

Brick and mortar stores’ monopoly in the market was already waning due to digital transformation and the development of tools to make e-commerce more efficient, effective, secure, and successful. But until Covid restrictions and inconveniences, some businesses preferred to purchase from in-person sales reps. Now that has changed, and the demand for digital purchasing has snowballed. Is your company ready?

What has not changed?

A lot has changed with the Covid disruptions. But, fortunately for many businesses worried about how agile they can be, a lot has stayed the same. There are constants B2B organizations can rely on, even in the midst of change:

  1. Customer expectations

Your customers expect to get the same high quality of merchandise, service, and efficiency that your brand has always provided. Now they expect to get that 24/7 and from anywhere using a variety of devices.

  1. A preference for online buying

Given a choice, a large portion of customers already prefers buying from online channels. The rise in sales of stores such as Amazon makes that evident. And the longer COVID is a threat, the more likely businesses and consumers will shop online more frequently.

  1. The demand for exceptional user experiences

Buyers today know they have choices. They don’t have to put up with inefficient websites, convoluted purchasing journeys, or errors. If your website can’t deliver what they want, they will find one that can.

  1. Your brand, values, and mission

You’ve worked hard to build your business and your customer base. Opening an online store shouldn’t change your core values and the processes that have helped you succeed. As the world changes, you’ll change with it to some extent; but you don’t have to lose those elements that have made you stand out.

  1. The need for business agility

Businesses have always had to be agile to keep up with a changing marketplace and advancing technology. Now it has become more critical than ever to take advantage of every approach.

B2B businesses are still facing some of the issues they always have. Now they are doing so in a much more digitally-driven world and facing increased disruption as well as increased possibilities. Now is the time to future proof your business by expanding to online sales.

Embrace digital transformation while battling the impact of B2B disruption

Make e-commerce your starting point. If you don’t have an online presence, download our  Beginner’s Handbook to Launching an Online Revenue Channel.

However, even if you have a website, it may not meet the demands of today’s B2B buyers. In fact, it probably doesn't. E-commerce is more than just a web presence. It’s a tool for accelerating broader organizational change and enabling digital transformation. Your e-commerce solution can only support your larger goals if you make full use of it and choose a platform that will scale and evolve alongside your business.

Why choose Sana Commerce?

At Sana Commerce, we polled one hundred of our customers worldwide about the benefits they have received and why they are confident that they can survive the present disruption and thrive in the days ahead. Within the next year, they expect their Sana Commerce solution to enable them to:

  • Improve customer relationships
  • Improve their ability to scale and grow
  • Introduce new product lines
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Expand their business model
  • Sell direct to consumers
  • Embrace global expansion


A Sana solution also offers:

If you are ready to explore the possibilities offered by digital transformation and e-commerce, contact our experts at Sana Commerce today. Otherwise, browse independently by downloading our B2B Digital Disruption Survival Guide



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