Four-Part Comparison of Microsoft Dynamics GP versus Acumatica

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For over three decades, CAL Business Solutions has helped businesses improve their productivity by providing them with honest and reliable ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) advice. We’ve worked for decades with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and three years ago, we also began working with Acumatica. We believe that both systems are excellent in their own ways.

As a service to our customers and those investigating ERP solutions, our senior ERP consultants here at CAL have provided an objective comparison of these two distinct ERP systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Acumatica four-part series

Our series of articles focuses on four different vital aspects of ERP. We then analyze how Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica each measure up in these key areas. The four-part series includes:

  1. Dynamics GP vs. Acumatica: Core Financials. Core financials are a key component of every business, so this first article compares 11 system-wide features to help you see how each solution handles features such as user interface, branch functionality, and automation schedules, etc.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists vs. Acumatica Generic Inquiries.  The second article discusses the two different reporting systems. We focus on the pros and cons of each and compare everything from price and ease-of-use to functionality and add-on options.
  3. Dynamics GP vs. Acumatica: General Ledger. General ledger functions might seem basic, but there are a few key differences between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica. In the third article, we discuss the differences and supply examples showing how even the seemingly small differences in General Ledger significantly impact functionality.
  4. Dynamics GP vs. Acumatica: Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable. The fourth article compares the capabilities of the two systems when it comes to building check runs, expense reclassification, batching, etc.

We believe you have the right to honest, reliable, and objective information about the technologies that will impact your business. That is why we’ve presented this helpful four-part comparison series to allow you to compare these two robust ERP solutions. We hope the information will help you make the choice that is best for your organization.

Compare Microsoft Dynamics versus Acumatica:

Our Story: Moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Acumatica:

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