The Importance of Project Planning and Estimation for Project-Based Businesses

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Budget planning and tracking has become a standard process in any type of project management. Clients expect budgets to be followed and follow-ups to be done so everyone knows where they are at in the project and to avoid any bad surprises.

Most companies build different scenarios in Excel spreadsheets, then manually enter the information into the system. However, this can lead to inaccuracies and errors, which can cause cost overruns and client dissatisfaction. But a complete project practice that includes planning and estimation modules, such as JOVACO Project, lets you do away with spreadsheets and non-integrated applications. It also facilitates the project creation process as project details have already been entered while building the estimate.

Choose from different scenarios

An integrated estimation module lets you make up different scenarios to better meet your clients’ needs and criteria. Before the project even starts, the client can properly review and understand which scenario makes the most sense to them. Once a scenario has been decided on, the integration to projects and to the ERP system makes it easy to deploy the project, with the rates and business rules that have been decided on during the proposal phase.

Automate calculations

By creating project budgets based on the costs and hours entered in the estimate, you will reduce the risk of errors and double entries. Calculations are done automatically based on the rates linked to the departments and classes involved in the project. This not only provides the visibility on your margins to know if it makes sense to take on the project, it also gives clients the confidence that they know what to expect.

Improve project control

Change requests and budgets can easily be moved from one project phase to another without having to make the request to administration. The project manager remains responsible for their project and now has all the tools to track budgets and adjust them as the project evolves. By doing so, the project budgets remain up to date, while reports reflect the actuals and future costs to the client. This also helps you better manage not only client costs but costs and hourly budgets as well. Different people within the organization can then review the project against different dimensions.


JOVACO is launching brand-new project estimation and analytics modules to provide project-based organizations with all the tools they need to increase control over their budgets and projects. Keep an eye out on our website to know more about our module and know how it can benefit your organization.

By JOVACO Solutions, specialist in Dynamics 365 project management solutions


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