Seven Qualities of a Great Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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A while back, we wrote a blog post outlining seven qualities that make for a great Dynamics GP consultant. It was geared toward those wanting to make a career of working with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. However, the same qualities that a consultant should strive for are also the qualities you should look for when hiring a partner to assist with your Microsoft Dynamics GP purchase, implementation, and training.

ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamic GP has become essential in the successful running of most businesses today.  A top-notch ERP software solution will automate your business processes, keep track of all your data, and drive efficiency.  The right technology will allow your company to view, analyze, and share information in ways previously impossible. And the right Partner will help you combine the rules of accounting with the flexibility and power of technology.

So, the decisions you make regarding your ERP software are critical. And one of the most important decisions is your choice of an ERP Partner.

Here is our list of seven qualities of a great Dynamics GP Partner.

  1. Great Partners let their actions and accomplishments speak for them.  A successful Dynamics GP project should make your business look good, and you should get the credit. A great Partner doesn’t need to toot his own horn; he just needs to get the job done to your satisfaction.
  2. Great Partners work well with people. Some projects are easier than others, and some people are easier to work with than others. Great Partners will have learned to work with all kinds of people under all sorts of conditions and strive to deliver top-quality service to all. They think positively and show respect and patience no matter what situations arise. They feel good about contributing to the success of your business.
  3. Great Partners go the extra mile.  They look for ways to make every project the best it can be. They ask the right questions and listen to your input. They anticipate roadblocks and address issues before they become a problem.  They dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure you’re happy with the results.
  4. Great Partners are problem solvers.  Remember MacGyver? He could find the right tools to solve any problem. He never gave up; he found a way. Every Dynamics GP project has challenges, but great Partners rely on their experience and expertise to get the job done.
  5. Great Partners are always learning.  The greater your physical, educational, and experiential tools, the more challenges you can meet, and the more problems you can solve. A great Partner will not be satisfied with the tools they have but will continue to add knowledge and skills to their toolbox. They’ll keep up with the latest technology and industry trends and continue to grow their craft.
  6. Great Partners move forward when others want to stop. Despite challenges with technology, people, or circumstances, great Partners will keep working to get the job done. They won’t be tied to the clock; they’ll put in whatever time is needed. They won’t leave you high and dry at five o’clock. They know issues can arise outside of standard business hours, and commitment to their customers is part of the job. They’ll be there when you need them to put out fires or meet deadlines.
  7. Great Partners are flexible but focus on the finish line.  The best Partners know that there is more than one way to do something. They can adapt to the business processes, working styles, and personalities of various clients and industries. They are flexible, but they are still strict enough to keep the project on track to meet deadlines, budgets, and expectations.

Who is CAL Business Solutions?

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