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While most people will immediately think of those hideous dot-matrix nightmares of yesteryear when the term “printing” is mentioned – after all, we’re knee-deep in a world seemingly defined by a wireless and mobile device utopia – there’s still a role to be played by the humble printer. Into this foray has come concepts like the cloud, which suddenly allowed digital devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets to connect with work and printer stations; indeed, today’s cloud printing services eliminate the need for printer drivers, instead linking the printer and device together so the printer receives the digital information via the cloud.

Fast-forward to the introduction of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, when a sweeping range of new and exciting features hit the market – without taking into consideration the function of printing. In a nutshell, Dynamics 365 Business Central, when deployed in the cloud in either a SaaS or PaaS environment, didn’t enable the user to choose which printers to direct reports to (nor did it provide the option of filtering it down to specific users).

Essentially, the challenge became clear: How can a user print from Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud to local printers?

The Insight Works Solution: PrintNode Connector

Never an organization to rest on any kind of laurels, especially where solutions for our valued customer base is concerned, Insight Works immediately sprang into action and developed the highly intuitive PrintNode Connector, offering a way to connect printers to Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud…and much more.

Need to be able to print multiple reports and documents to different printers without having to print each one individually, or print to PDF? PrintNode Connector represents a free add-on that allows you to make use of the free or paid service to automatically print reports to a specified printer. Now, you can print from Business Central web client, phone or tablet apps or any other connected device to any local or network printer, with setup that’s extremely easy and no required programming.

How it works:

Simply create a PrintNode account and retrieve an API key. This API key is then entered once during app setup, then use the standard Business Central Printer Administration page to set the printer you’d like to use for each report – or, just select the printer each time you print.

We couldn’t have made it any more rudimentary!

The following are the key features of Insight Works’ PrintNode Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud:

  • Makes printing seamless – no more downloading PDFs to print
  • Simple single-field setup
  • Uses standard Business Central printer management capabilities
  • Works with all standard and custom reports and pages, including barcode labels
  • Supports Essentials and Premium licensing
  • Completely free, now and forever, with no registration required (there may be a fee required to use the PrintNode service)

Get PrintNode Connector from Insight Works for free via Microsoft AppSource here.

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