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Shopping around for the right ERP is a confusing and complicated task. It is a big decision that will impact your business greatly no matter the decision. If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost, you’re not alone. That is why we’ve compiled a collection of short videos with proper ERP buying advice that you need to know. Even if you do feel confident, there’s always something more you can do to ensure you‘re making the best possible choice. All areas are covered, from common mistakes to hidden costs.


Keep reading for a brief description of the ERP buying advice each video provides. That way, if you see a particular video that interests you, you can jump right to it.


Know When to Replace Your Current ERP

For those looking to replace what they currently have, you’re facing a tough decision. Many questions arise when thinking about this. Will it be worth the implementation costs, is my current ERP outdated, and many more. Eventually, keeping your ERP or accounting software past its prime does more harm than good. Do you know when it’s time to move on from that old ERP system? In this brief video our experts give you five simple things to look for.

Common ERP Buying Mistakes

It’s always wise to learn from others that came before you. That is why we have compiled the top ERP buying mistakes that people just like you have made. These mistakes, however unintentional, can leave you with a system that doesn’t fit your needs or your business. This video discusses the most common ERP buying mistakes and simple tips to help you avoid them.

Hidden Costs from Delayed Upgrade

Most people think the cost of doing nothing is zero. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Waiting too long to upgrade your ERP can have long term consequences. This video showcases some sneaky, yet shocking ways the decision to cling to an outdated ERP can shrink your bottom line.

Legacy and Cloud ERPs

You will come across both Legacy and Cloud ERPs while doing your research. This video explains the main differences between the two, so you can make the choice that’s right for you.

How the Cloud Saves You Money

The cloud has been around for a decade now, but many people are still not taking full advantage of the economic benefits it offers. Watch to learn ways cloud technology can help you boost your business.

Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research is a trusted analyst firm that focuses on giving businesses like yours the information they need to make an informed software buying decision. One of the most helpful documents they post each year is ERP value matrix report. This video shows you how to work this matrix and properly interpret the data you will see.

What to Look for in Your ERP Implementation Partner

You’ve chosen, your ERP, or at least created a shortlist of the top 2 or 3 you’re most interested in. But what about your ERP partner, do you know what qualities to look for? Afterall, an ERP implementation project is a long process that requires a trustworthy and educated partner. Watch this video to learn six key things to look for in yours.

Demo Benefits

You will save yourself a lot of time if you know how to take full advantage of ERP demos. They are not something you should overlook. Learn what other benefits you can reap by watching this video.

Once you’ve watched our playlist of short videos of ERP buying advice, you will be ready to move forward in your journey with confidence. Still have questions? Schedule your free consultation.

By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft partner.

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