Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies are Moving to Dynamics 365FO

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The pace of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is massive. How can a solution like Dynamics 365FO help manufacturers accelerate the journey towards digital?

Customer expectations are changing; Big Data analytics and advancements in Machine Learning are transforming various industries. The rise in automation is setting the stage for an industrial revolution, creating Smart Factories, and providing a digital edge in today’s scenario.

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior, created new processes, and paved the way for new technologies, compelling manufacturers to drive additional efforts in improving their bottom line. Improved operations, better productivity, proactive maintenance, an optimized supply chain, and streamlined asset management are helping manufacturers boost customer experience and generate maximized throughput.

A recent report from IDC predicts that by 2024, Over 60% of G2000 manufacturing organizations will rely on artificial intelligence platforms to drive digital transformation across the supply chain, leading to productivity gains of over 20%.

The Race to Adopt Dynamics 365FO


Dynamics 365FO (now offered as two separate applications – Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management) has been a top choice for manufacturers from the very beginning. With features built using rich analytics, embedded intelligence, and modern reporting, it offers manufacturers the convenience of unifying all aspects of their supply chain using a single, comprehensive system. Here are 3 reasons why manufacturing companies are quickly moving to Dynamics 365:

End-to-end Visibility

As manufacturers break through the shackles of geographic boundaries, spreading their business across new lands, Dynamics 365 provides the visibility they need into their operations. By integrating sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management, it enables transparency and easier management of day-to-day operations. Using Dynamics 365, manufacturers can synchronize different business processes, optimize fulfillment cycles, improve business logistics, and visualize aspects of the production setup through a single pane of glass.

Real-time Insights

Given that real-time insights into business operations are critical for improved decision-making, Dynamics 365, through intelligent analytics, offers real-time information on any device or process needed. Such oversight can enable manufacturers to identify bottlenecks while institutionalizing efficiency gains. What’s more, using the Remote Assist capability, the workforce can collaborate with remote experts, display critical information, and solve problems in real-time. These timely insights can also help manufacturers in improving service quality and margins and set the stage for proactive maintenance services that supplement break-fix support.

Improved Employee Productivity

For manufacturers struggling to improve production efficiency, Dynamics 365, through built-in machine learning, collaboration, and analytics capabilities, empowers the manufacturing workforce with tools and workflows to carry out tasks quickly and efficiently: from collecting and analyzing data from systems for better visibility to automating processes across the lifecycle – Dynamics 365 enables employees to collaborate more efficiently, troubleshoot problems more easily, and improve the cycle of innovation.

The Only way to Streamline the Business


The competitive landscape in which manufacturers operate today requires them to seamlessly be able to connect devices, departments, and people across geographical boundaries. Dynamics 365, with new-age collaboration, productivity, and intelligence features, enables manufacturers to streamline every aspect of their manufacturing business while constantly enhancing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

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