How Paperless Automation in the Cloud Boosts Business Processes

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While cloud tech has been a game-changer for quite some time, it is only gaining momentum with its ability to cut costs, increase productivity and boost revenue. Businesses embracing the cloud are shifting their IT hardware, software and networks from their own server rooms to hosted online data centers, where they subscribe to the IT services they need rather than building and maintaining an IT infrastructure on their own premises.

Along with office tools, personal services and entertainment venues, ERP platforms and add-on solutions have gone to the cloud, as well. Today, businesses have the option of situating all or part of their ERP and add-on technology to cloud-based datacenters, which offer an array of advantages over on-premise technology. These include:

  • Cost savings: Instead of licensing software for each machine in the company, a business can simply subscribe to cloud-based ERP or cloud-based automation for a low monthly fee per user. Additionally, IT staff suddenly is freed up from the burden of maintaining and upgrading on-premises servers and networks, routine tasks that consume a large portion of IT spending. As a result, IT professionals have the time to develop applications and processes to improve efficiency and profitability, as well as focus on a larger digital transformation.
  • Access: Because cloud-based solutions operate via the Web, authorized employees can access it anytime and from anywhere. This is ideal in this day and age when more employees than ever are working remotely. Furthermore, the company is assured that every employee is using the same, most recent version of the solution because the technology is upgraded by the datacenter host as soon as the new versions are released. This ensures continuity across your enterprise, as well as greater security.
  • Scale: Businesses experiencing seasonal swings or rapid growth can become bogged down in trying to deploy additional hardware and software quickly across the enterprise. Hosted paperless automation solutions make scaling and easy matter of simply adjusting the number of user subscriptions, rather than installing it on multiple computers. The cloud stretches as far as the company needs it to reach; simply add users to the subscription, and the cloud handles the back end on its own.
  • Security: The host can handle all the administration and maintenance of applications, hardware and data. Because cloud-based datacenters serve a variety of businesses, many with the strictest of security requirements, a company can expect the cloud-based service to maintain the highest level of security protocols and systems, far greater than those that most companies could afford to install on their own.
  • Safety: The cloud serves as an automatic back-up service for a company’s data. While data stored on premises could be destroyed in a disaster, cloud-based paperless automation solutions store the company’s data in a remote, secure online center, where it can be retrieved in authorized fashion from any computer to help a business get back on its feet after a crisis.

MetaViewer offers a hosted implementation option, including an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, harnessing the full power of the cloud for greater efficiency and cost savings. When both your ERP solution and your paperless automation solution are hosted in the cloud, you can rest assured that your systems will work seamlessly together and your team has the access, security and reliability they need.

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