Simplify and Automate Payment Acceptance in Dynamics

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Payments keep companies running. It’s one of the most basic principles of business: without payments coming in, businesses can’t succeed.

But payment acceptance is often inefficient and clunky. Credit card payments must be manually processed, then recorded and reconciled in your Dynamics system. All this extra time adds up, and double data entry can lead to costly errors.

How can your Dynamics system address this challenge?

Integrate your payments with EBizCharge

Optimize your Dynamics system by integrating with EBizCharge, an all-in-one payments application that allows you to accept payments directly in Dynamics 365, AX, CRM, GP, NAV, and SL. EBizCharge transforms your payment acceptance process through automation: once you run a payment in Dynamics, EBizCharge automatically applies the payment to the invoice and updates your AR and GL.

Automating your payment acceptance means your team will spend less time on manual accounting processes. They’ll experience a smoother, more efficient workflow, make fewer errors, and get time back in their day for more essential projects.

Connect your payments

Enabling payment acceptance in Dynamics sometimes involves cobbling together a number of different third-party solutions that may or may not work well together.

With EBizCharge, you’ll have a full suite of connected payment acceptance tools, including eCommerce and point of sale solutions, a payment gateway, advanced payment collection tools, and more. Instead of using multiple vendors, your payment acceptance will be handled by a single source, and your team will be able to easily move between different sales channels. You’ll have complete visibility over every transaction and access to detailed reports and history, and if trouble arises, you’ll have one point of contact.

If your current payment acceptance process feels cumbersome or complicated, you can make a simple switch. EBizCharge for Dynamics brings all your payments together into one place.

Faster payment collections

In addition to improving your Dynamics system with automation, EBizCharge gives your business powerful payment collection tools that help you get paid faster. When your customers have convenient payment options, they’re more likely to pay on time, and your business doesn’t have to waste time following up and chasing after payments.

Give your customers the ability to pay directly from their inbox with email pay. Once you create an invoice, it’s automatically emailed to your customers. They simply click on the link in their inbox and pay using the secure online form. The payment syncs back to your Dynamics system, so you don’t have to do any extra work.

EBizCharge also gives you access to an online customer payment portal, where customers can securely log in, view their outstanding invoices and transaction history, and make payments on invoices. Payments made in the portal are automatically synced back to your Dynamics system, eliminating double data entry.

With email pay and a customer payment portal, your business can fully automate payment collections and give your customers more convenient payment options—a winning combination that means your business gets paid faster with less effort.

Simplify and automate your payment acceptance with EBizCharge

Payment acceptance doesn’t have to be clunky. Update your outdated process with EBizCharge for Dynamics and experience a simple, efficient way to accept payments. EBizCharge seamlessly integrates with your Dynamics system to streamline your workflow and optimize your payment collections.

To learn more about how EBizCharge helps businesses like yours simplify and automate their payment acceptance, contact our experts.

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