Power BI: Making Your Data More Useful and Your Processes More Efficient

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Your business runs on information, and there’s no shortage of data these days. In fact, there’s a glut. So how do you make sure that the right information is delivered to the right people right when they need it?

You’re wasting time and resources if your team is searching manually or drilling into Excel files for the data they need. And sometimes, the information they need is buried so deeply inside files that finding it requires an IT department or an outside consultant. That further stretches your resources and takes up even more time. By the time you get the material you need, it may be too late for it to be of value in making strategic decisions about your business.

How can your ERP and Power BI meet this challenge?


Integrate your ERP with BI (Business Intelligence)

Your ERP system is the primary repository of all your essential data. Integrating it with Microsoft’s Power BI will allow you greater and easier access to all your information, particularly the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)  that you need for strategic decision making. Having data available in real-time keeps managers and teams informed so they can be more efficient and productive. They can quickly analyze workflows, transactions, productivity, and expenses and make adjustments based on solid knowledge rather than conjecture.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions provide extensive finance and operations capabilities right out of the box with minimal customization. And because they are built on the familiar Microsoft platform, they can be seamlessly integrated with add-on solutions such as Microsoft Power BI. With data flowing smoothly from your ERP solution right into Power BI, you’ll have access to your KPIs in a format that makes sense for your business.

Interactive dashboards deliver data visually and allow users to easily tailor their views according to their preferences and job responsibilities. No IT intervention required!


KPIs That Flow AutomaticallyPower BI Report Example

We recently helped a manufacturer upgrade their ERP to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and integrate it with the Power BI Bundle for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central—a custom offering developed by Western Computer.  They were delighted with the robust Power BI dataset and corresponding dashboards and reports. With NAV linked to Power BI, their KPIs flow automatically and smoothly without reprogramming or extensive customization.

Power BI gives our client access to the data they need, and it delivers it faster.  The KPI visualizations greatly helped this company redefine the way they look at their business. Managers can now measure the output of specific business functions to better track data accuracy and workflow efficiency.

Analyzing your business with Power BI

You will gain the ability to analyze every aspect of your business with Power BI. Standard dashboards include vendor performance, inventory, production, AP and AR, and General Ledger.  Most importantly, users will have the information they need, right when they need it, to make meaningful business decisions.

Power BI illuminates your critical data, so you can spot trends, share insights, and make smart decisions.

To learn more about our approach to delivering business intelligence that empowers our customers, contact our experts at Western Computer today.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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