How To Get Perfect Reliable Data - The Hidden Ingredient To ERP Success

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The Hidden Ingredient

In today's world, modern businesses need the power of an ERP system, the benefits it brings to the table are great, and ERP systems have fundamentally changed how businesses operate, with its ability to do MRPs on the fly, and its ability to plan ahead, in today’s agile business environment it is a must, however planning is only half of the equation, there is another ingredient that is very much important, and that is reliable data.


The Current Situation

I love ERP systems, however as someone who also has an automation background, it just sort of feels a little bit awkward when i see shop floor workers having to use a pen to record information and at the end of the day use their keyboards and mouse to log everything back into the system, it just gives me this tingling feeling inside knowing that there will always be typos & errors, papers could be lost, things could get disorganized, and take it from someone who has first hand experience, this can cause lots of issues down the line.


If you think about it, It’s like having a Ferrari race car run on petrol that’s mixed with water, you’ll keep wondering what is going on when the engine gives up on you, and without a good solution, you’ll always keep on wondering.


An ERP has so much power and functionality, there must be a better way to integrate what happens on the shop floor into the ERP system right?

That’s what we thought, and upon much much more digging we realized that this is something that is critical to the performance of an ERP, the increased additional responsibilities (data entry) onto an individual already burdened with heavy workload, often lead to data inaccuracies, and it will accumulate and eventually bring unpredictable results into any ERP system, this happens all the time:

The ERP says there are 80 items in the warehouse, but actually there are only 40, then the MRP output would be totally wrong, the purchasing plans and the production plans are all calculated based on incorrect information, wasting valuable time and money.


The Solutions

So in order to solve these issues, we went back to the drawing board, and after numerous research & experiments with our development team, we’ve organized our findings & solutions here so you could get some inspiration.



Hope you liked the full blog, after many implementations, i can tell you that one of the most important things when it comes to ERP implementation, is knowing what actually happens after the planning, and getting real-time, error free data is the hidden ingredient to a successful ERP project.


If you’d like to discuss how you can benefit from the same ideas that we’ve used to help our customers achieve ERP success over the last 20 years, feel free to contact us through email at, we’re always ready to help you achieve ERP success.


By JUSTPRO, Microsoft Partner & Solutions Provider,

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