Concessions firm consolidates data by upgrading Dynamics GP

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The Client

Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, this airport concession company operates many different quick-service eateries throughout the U.S. - 50 in total - including locations in eight of the nation's busiest airports.


The Challenge

Running multiple locations at once is challenging in its own right. Add in data maintenance, and the difficulty grows exponentially. That was the problem for this airport concessions company, which had been using a legacy version of Microsoft Dynamics GP.


While the accounting software proved effective in the early going, it was unable to keep pace with the company's growth and stored data in 45 separate silos. Adding insult to injury, it had lost contact with its original installation partner, leaving the firm essentially up the river without a paddle.


On top of all those hurdles, the company's IT team attempted to consolidate the existing data, but ultimately made the problem worse when the disassembly of the processing equipment prevented Dynamics GP from working at all. In short, the ERP solution was no longer living up to its billing.


That's where The TM Group aimed to fix what was most assuredly broken.


The Solution
Since the concessions company had so much success with Dynamics GP, The TM Group decided to stick with the same ERP software, upgrading it to the latest version.


This allowed the company to take advantage of the cutting-edge features and applications, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation and general ledger. Microsoft Dynamics GP can come as an all-in-one ERP solution or customized so business owners only purchase those modules that are relevant to their industry. The client found the latter to be the better option, and The TM Group agreed.


Additionally, The TM Group recommended transitioning the company's storage center to the cloud. The justification was to free up space that on-premises servers don't allow for and to make data instantly available, regardless of where users were located. This also made consolidation much easier.


The Outcome
In the end, The TM Group pared down or optimized 37 of the concession firm's 45 separate caches. These efforts made data maintenance much more streamlined - by increasing access and streamlining data flow.


If you're hungry for an ERP solution that truly satisfies, The TM Group has the technical services and implementation abilities that can fuel your business. Contact us today.






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