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Optimize the Main Warehouse Processes with MetaADCS WMS

The warehouse industry is growing in response to developments such as the rise of e-commerce, globalization, and the trend of outsourcing warehouse services. These major changes in the market are opportunities waiting for you to exploit by taking swift actions to optimize your warehouse processes.

The only way to optimize your warehouse process is to choose the best and advanced warehouse management system for your warehouse. It’s not only optimizing the warehouse processes but also helps to utilize the resources properly, effectively, and efficiently.

The six main warehouse processes contain receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. By optimizing these processes, it will allow you to enhance your warehouse operation, reduce cost, errors, and also you can achieve a higher perfect order rate.

The six main warehouse processes are:

1. Receiving
The first process of the warehouse is Receiving and also one of the most crucial processes. However, the warehouse should be able to verify that it has received the right product, in the right quantity, in the right condition, and at the right time to carry out the receiving process properly.
Failing to do so will have consequent impacts on all following operations
However, it also involves the transfer of the responsibility for the goods to the warehouse. This spots responsibility and accountability on the warehouse for maintaining the goods until and unless they are shipped. You can filter out damaged goods and avoid liability by receiving the goods properly.
Additionally, the motives of optimizing the warehouse receiving process are to receive goods properly and efficiently to avoid loss at the receiving ports.
2. Put-Away
Put-away is the second warehouse process. It is the process of the movement of goods from the receiving port to the most optimal warehouse storage location. Failing to place goods at the proper location can affect the productivity of warehouse operation.
The several benefits when goods are put:
  • You can store goods faster and more efficiently.
  • Minimize the traveling time
  • You can ensure the safety of goods and workers.
  • Minimize warehouse space utilization.
  • You can easily find, track, and retrieve goods.
Also, the main point of optimizing the putaway process is to move goods for storage to their most ideal location in a fast, efficient, and effective manner.
3. Storage
It is the warehouse process in which goods are placed into their most appropriate storage space. Once it gets done properly then the storage process will be fully maximizing the available space in your warehouse and increases labor efficiency.
Also, optimization of your storage process is only possible when the right KPIs are tracked properly.
4. Picking
In this process, picking helps to collect the products in a warehouse to fulfill customer orders. Picking process will allow you to reduce costs significantly and increase your warehouse efficiency.
By optimizing this process, it will focus on achieving higher accuracy, as errors can have a direct impact on your customer satisfaction.
Additionally, by introducing the right technologies, you can optimize the picking process. These Technologies include mobile and wearables that can optimize the picking process.
Also, the other options include conducting an ABC analysis to improve your warehouse layout with the advanced warehouse management system which helps to select the right picking methodology and utilizing the software.

5. Packing

Packing process combine picked items in a sales order and make them ready for shipment to the customers. However, one of the main tasks of packing is to ensure that damages are minimized while the items are leaving the warehouse.

Additionally, packaging must be proper and light in weight so that the weight of the goods is not going to increase and also less in size to control packaging costs.

Optimization of the packing process can be done by utilizing the software to guide people in executing the tasks.
Also, the advanced warehouse management system provides a packing system that contains all the important information, such as dimensions and weight.
As a result, the system can determine the type and amount of packaging material automatically. It will keep the items secure and minimizes the packing cost.
6. Shipping
Shipping is the final process of the warehouse processes. Also, the beginning of the transfer of goods from the warehouse to the customer.
Also, it can only be successful if the right order is loaded, dispatched to the right customer, travels through the right transit mode, and is delivered safely and on time.
Additionally, ordering, putaway, picking, and packing, these processes also play an important role in the success of shipping they affect the order is fulfilled accurately and safely.
An advanced warehouse management system helps to optimize the shipping process.
  1. It helps to design and optimize warehouse layout.
  2. You can also track your order.
  3. It ensures that picking and documentation are done well in advance at the time of shipping
  4. It helps to schedule receiving and shipping in different shifts.
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