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deFacto Power Planning delivers the market’s first unified financial and operational planning solution.

Enterprise performance management and planning is undergoing a radical transformation as new tools come to market with powerful capabilities, low prices, and easy deployment. The ability to perform business planning based on modeling and simulation, predictive forecasting, real-time analysis, and more, is now available to managers from the top down, across all areas of the business. The new generation of analytical tools enables managers to make better decisions that will reduce costs and increase growth.

A key factor in making more powerful analytics more accessible, is reducing the complexity of programming applications and making analytics easy to perform for non-technical business users.  Advances in analytics are being made possible by a host of factors, including cheap plentiful storage, powerful processing, better algorithms, the cloud, better tool design, and in-memory computing. As analytics become more affordable and easier to deploy, business planners will be able to take advantage of AI, BI, predictive analytics, machines learning, deep learning, and advancing cloud data storage options. Analytical tools that have been out of reach for many businesses because of their cost and complexity are now available in the cloud and on-premise but they continue to fall short of fully integrating financial and operational performance management and analytics – until now.

deFacto Global’s deFacto Planning and Microsoft’s Power BI are leaders in the field of advanced analytics. Together, they teamed-up to create deFacto Power Planning – a 100% Microsoft-based financial and operational planning solution, that represents a new generation of enterprise performance management and planning. It combines the full power of the world’s most capable BI tool, Microsoft’s Power BI, with the power of the world’s most powerful corporate analysis and planning tool, deFacto Planning V10, in a way that has never been done before.

Why is this revolutionary? Typically, corporate planning products are focused on financial management, while business intelligence tools are focused on operational management. Integrating financial and operational performance management in a single tool has been the Holy Grail of the industry since its inception. Unfortunately, that reality only existed in marketing materials—until now.

What puts the “Power” in deFacto Power Planning? Advanced Technology…

  • Powerful Tabular Analytics Engine: A patented Microsoft SQL tabular database architecture built into deFacto Planning V10 drives performance and complex analysis of large data sets to new levels.
  • Power BI Write-back: A newly developed write-back capability in Microsoft’s Power BI that unlocks capabilities that were unavailable before.
  • Smart Analytics: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is embedded in a wide range of areas within deFacto Power Planning, with more being added every day.
  • Designed for Every User: Users can choose any one or all three different two-way user interfaces: Excel, Web, and Power BI, so everyone can use an interface that fits their preference and easily access the capabilities they need.
  • Platform Independent: Customers can move from one hosting platform (on-premise, 3rd party or SaaS) to another using the same deFacto Power Planning solution.
  • Universal Data Integration: Data can come from any source using a wide range of integration tools and techniques including pre-built connectors for all Microsoft Dynamics products.

Together, all of these components enable customers to fully integrate financial and operational data analysis and planning in a single, powerful yet easy to use tool.

Welcome to the revolutionary new world of deFacto Power Planning, the smartest, fastest thinking corporate planning solution.

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