How Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Benefits Manufacturing Business

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If you are conducting business and suspect your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution could be updated to save you time and boost efficiency, what do you do? You can’t afford to close down for an extended period to implement a new system. You don’t want to work around the installation, doing the best you can to keep going. You need a quality system that can be implemented quickly and a partner who will commit to getting you up and running as soon as possible.

This was the situation with Power Sonic, a world leader in battery manufacturing. Power Sonic was acquired by private-equity firm Blackbird Management. The transition period seemed an ideal time for Power Sonic to upgrade its ERP to provide greater visibility into day-to-day transactions and increase its business intelligence capabilities. The company wanted to make it easier to generate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and analyze performance so they could make faster decisions, improve warehouse workflows,  and reduce operational expenses.

To take on this challenge, Power Sonic chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV as its new ERP solution. NAV offers enterprise-level finance and operations capabilities right out-of-the-box with minimal customization. NAV also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI and third-party add-on warehouse solutions used by manufacturers.

Power Sonic’s Dynamics NAV solution had to be fully operational in three months. Extensive customizations would have increased the cost and the duration of the implementation project.


Flexible enough to handle an unexpected tariff

Power Sonic chose to work with Western Computer because of our experience working with manufacturers and distributors and because our depth of resources could accommodate their tight schedule. We also have expertise with third-party solutions that would fulfill their warehouse, shipping, and BI requirements. Allowing their Dynamics NAV solution to run in Microsoft’s Azure cloud opened up more options for them.

An unexpected hurdle arose in the form of a U.S. government tariff imposed on items purchased from China. Applying the tariff to only those items and then adjusting customer billings accordingly was easily accomplished. Power Sonic’s Dynamics NAV system now handles the taxes automatically.


How Microsoft Dynamics  NAV improved efficiency

Right from the start, Power Sonic saw a fifteen percent increase in their order-execution efficiency with improved pick-assignment functions. And on the finance side, their month-end process decreased from 15 days to five days.

They also now have the ability to map operating expenses to sales and employ sales and operations reports for more accurate budgeting. Performance dashboards provide daily pulse readings for the sales team.

Managers can access visual KPIs in real-time through Power BI, delivered through standardized reporting catalogs to sales reps, sales directors, executives, and remote workers.

Pete Hagen, a Project Manager for Power Sonic says, “We have instant visibility into what’s happening on the floor each day to see how busy we are. We know how many orders we have to ship, how many are actually shipped, and we can analyze warehouse performance over any specific time frame or job function.”


A successful model for other company locations

Migrating to a new ERP isn’t always quick and easy like it was for Power Sonic. But their success in this project has led them to look forward to partnering with Microsoft providers in Europe to deploy NAV at locations in the UK, France, and The Netherlands. Those providers can leverage the design blueprint we created, and we will continue to provide support to help streamline their projects.
To learn more about how Western Computer helped Power Sonic improve warehouse efficiency and gain greater visibility into KPIs,  download the full customer success story. Then contact our experts at Western Computer to ask how we can help your company achieve similar benefits.

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