What is Digital Transformation?

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What is Digital TransformationI bet everyone in business these days has heard the term “Digital Transformation” thrown around a time or two. Even in these times of “Stay at Home”, digital transformation is still mentioned often. A recent study by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that “86% of CEOs say digital transformation is their number one priority.” Clearly, it is an important concept, but what is it exactly?

What is Digital Transformation? 

Simply put, “Digital Transformation” is what happens when businesses rethink processes, services, and products in terms of what is possible using current technology. This ranges from clever ways to use the data their business is collecting, to figuring out how the internet allows them to deliver services faster and further.

This all sounds very interesting, but what does it have to do with your company? The fact is, modern businesses are using digital transformation to gain customer insight, automate processes, and support new business models. Digital transformation could be the key to ensuring the success and future of your company. Notice just two of the many ways that digital transformation could positively impact your business.

Rediscover Customer Engagement 

While the internet can connect you to lots of new prospects and customers, it can also de-personalize those relationships. By unifying your business management systems and centralizing collected data, you will be in a better position to keep your customers front and center by allowing you to:

  • Enhance customer experiences with personalized interactions from consideration to purchase.
  • Give agents the information they need to deliver faster, more consistent service and proactively address issues.
  • Act on your data to anticipate and respond quickly to trends impacting your customers, your business, and market demands.

Connect Without Boundaries

Employees and customers alike are no longer bound by location. Business teams can be spread across the globe, and customers can be next door or in another country, with no difference in the way you serve them. Today, there are many options to promote personal connections and collaborative teaming through the cloud and the internet. With these boundary-free systems you can:

  • Provide customers with self-service options, allowing agents to spend time providing personalized attention to special circumstances.
  • Manage team projects through centralizing portals with built-in documents, tasks, and budget management.
  • Give secure access to remote and home workers, supporting high productivity and employee morale.

These aren’t the only benefits that come from digital transformation. For example, how can you optimize your day to day employee operations and improve communication? And what modern systems could increase delivery speed and boost overall productivity?

To find the answers to these questions and find more, check out the full white paper “What The Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does it Mean for Your Business” at www.calszone.com/digital.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

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