Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics 365: Is It Time to Transition?

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For over twenty years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a robust ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution boasting thousands of appreciative and loyal customers. While Dynamics GP has been top of its game for decades, technology evolves. Now some Dynamics GP users are wondering if they should make the move to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s integrated solution that combines ERP, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and so much more.

When comparing Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are several factors to consider. Implementation costs, customizations and integrations, licensing options, and Cloud vs. on-premise deployment are all aspects to be examined with your business processes, needs, and goals in mind.

There are features and tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that should appeal to Microsoft Dynamics GP users who are looking for ways to work faster and more effectively.


  1. Embedded Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with other Microsoft and third-party applications.  Most of the functionality you need is embedded in Dynamics 365, so you won’t have to switch windows or applications while you work.  It is just like any other core functionality, so you won’t miss a beat. Your teams will greatly appreciate the familiarity and seamless integration with Office 365. If they work in Outlook all day, that alone will save them a great deal of time.


  1. Dimensional Chart of AccountsOnDemand Webinar: Dimensional Accounting in D365 Business Central

One of the most significant improvements of Dynamics 365 over Dynamics GP on the financial side is Dimensions.  Dimensions are used to group or categorize data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has eliminated the need to create numerous separate GL accounts. If your chart of accounts has become cumbersome to work with, you will appreciate that Dimensions makes it much easier to post, organize, analyze, and report on your data in deeper and more meaningful ways. You can simplify your chart of accounts, and you have the flexibility to slice and dice your data in multiple ways. Learn more about Dimensional Accounting in Dynamics 365 Business Central by watching this OnDemand webinar.


  1. 24x7x365 Access

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s subscription-based licensing is structured so that you don’t have to worry about using it any time you want to work.  There are no “concurrent users” restrictions, so you won’t have to wait for others to log out before you can log in. That will lead to an overall boost in productivity. With more and more employees and executives working remotely now, and likely in the future, secure anytime, anywhere access is more important than ever.


  1. Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is essential to getting the best out of your ERP solution, and it’s one area where Dynamics GP users might have complaints. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers an expanded selection of out-of-the-box reports and templates. For a more powerful and flexible reporting tool, you can use Jet Reports rather than Management Reporter.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides enhanced integration and capabilities with Power BI enabling you to consolidate data from multiple sources. Rather than wasting time creating and emailing spreadsheets,  management can just log in and view their tailored dashboards, drill down into data, and create their own reports.


  1. Built-in Customizations and Automation

It’s rare to find a Microsoft Dynamics GP system that hasn’t been through years of heavy customizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is much more flexible and easier to customize. And you’ll find that many of the customizations you needed in GP have been built into Dynamics 365. You’ll find automated processes and role-based workflows,  and you have the option to build, with no coding experience required, additional internal apps using PowerApps.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates the issue of customizations created for Dynamics GP failing to adapt to upgrades.


  1. Effortless Collaboration

Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully integrated, connected, and accessible from any device, it’s much easier for team members to work together even when working remotely.  And that applies not just internally, but externally as well with customers, vendors, and business partners. Hop on a group chat in Teams. Automate your approval process. Create an online portal for your customers. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

These features and others are the reason that many Microsoft Dynamics GP owners are contemplating moving up to Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you’d like to know more about what Dynamics 365 could bring to your business, contact our experts at Western Computer.

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