4 Ways to Smooth Payroll Processing in Dynamics GP

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4 Ways to Smooth Payroll Processing in Dynamics GPWhy does it always seem like payroll processing never goes as smoothly as planned? Maybe it’s the gaps in your Dynamics GP software, unique payroll needs, or other complicated issues. What should be a fairly simple task can go sideways in a hurry. Weaknesses in your payroll software result in productivity losses and costly mistakes. Ready to iron out those payroll wrinkles?

Fix Mistakes Fast, Accurately and Confidently

Mistakes happen, it’s just a given. In payroll, however, it’s often time-consuming, not to mention frustrating to make corrections. One simple mistake in payroll processing could take as many as 17 additional steps to correct. Who has time for that?

Then, there’s the issue with correcting over-withholding in health or life insurance, making pay rate changes, and managing overtime. Most businesses employ a team of people to deal with these situations. There’s a better, cost-effective way to manage payroll complications.

Let Technology Solve Common Payroll Processing Complications

Deploying the right payroll add-on solutions can reduce errors and make payroll teams almost giddy when they can focus on more important things. Here are four simple, affordable payroll solutions for Dynamics GP you can deploy today:

  1. Negative Payroll Transactions: Even the most skilled payroll professional can make mistakes. Typos, bad information, or other mistakes can be reversed in just one step with Negative Payroll Transactions. This software solution will automatically make the correction in the general ledger, payroll reports, and provide an audit trail. Easy peasy!
  2. Negative Deductions Enhancement: Managing health and life insurance is already a big task and addressing over-withholdings is even more complicated. Negative Deductions Enhancement was designed to streamline how deductions are made, delivered on a check with wages or no wages, and provides a transaction report that details converted and non-converted deductions made during the payroll process.
  3. Mid Pay Period Rate Changes: Employees earn raises at any time and the dates they become effective have little consideration for the payroll process. Instead of calculating pay rates by hand and manually inputting these figures in payroll, deploy Mid Pay Period Rate Changes to automate the process. Simply key in the pay rate change and date, and this software solution will calculate the changes for the next payroll run. Earnings statements will also show the employee the hours and old pay rate on one line and the new hours under the new pay rate in another line.
  4. Overtime Hours Rules: Managing overtime manually is risky. Some states have specific overtime rules to follow which only adds to the complexity. Overtime Hours Rules streamlines the entire process surrounding overtime management. You simply establish the rules based on employee, department, position or regulations and the system will automatically calculate the overtime hours during the payroll process. Using technology makes it much easier to manage and monitor overtime, as well as remain compliant with state or other regulations.

It’s Time for Smooth Payroll Processing

There are many common complications to processing payroll and we offer several software solutions that can streamline and strengthen those processes. Deploy the right payroll processing solutions to take the burden off your staff, automate data and calculations, and strengthen compliance with internal and state or federal regulations. Contact Integrity Data for guidance with ironing out the wrinkles to achieve smooth payroll processing.

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