What to Expect with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC 2020 Wave 1 Release

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The great thing about Microsoft is that it is always investing in the future, developing better ways to help you streamline your processes, make better decisions, and grow your business. And the great thing about Microsoft Dynamics BC (Business Central) is that because it is a cloud-based application, updates are performed seamlessly behind the scenes without disruption to your routine.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, designed for small and mid-sized companies, is a comprehensive business management system.  The latest update to Dynamics 365 BC was implemented recently, and it introduced some exciting new features designed to bring greater efficiency and intelligence to your workplace.

What to expect

The Dynamics 365 BC update, called 2020 release wave 1, includes a variety of new features. The overall theme focuses on faster, smoother, more accurate data entry, and improved operations. Here’s a brief rundown of what you will find in the update:

Improved usability

Some of the features that contribute to improved usability allow users to:

  • Search for features in the role explorer
  • Enable non-interactive printing
  • Import profiles and UI customizations
  • Show parts that may be hidden on pages
  • Access related records from list pages
  • Improve pages that have multiple parts
  • Bookmark reports
  • Categorize data
  • Enter data more efficiently
  • Filter data and create alternate views

Enhanced features

Upgraded application features allow users to:

  • Use resources in purchase documents
  • Send correct documents to selected contacts
  • Allow for over-receipt on purchase orders
  • Undo shipment or receipt lines for non-items

Improved tools for administrators and partners

Better tools allow admins and partners to:

  • Integrate with a standard data service
  • Manage permissions with more in-depth insight
  • Sync users with the Microsoft 365 administration center
  • View data sizes per table
  • Cancel sessions
  • Utilize AL interface objects

Our top four

We’d like to point out the four features we are most excited about:

1. Print directly to a specified printer.

Documents, reports, and orders can now be sent directly to a specified printer from Dynamics 365 BC. You’ll designate one or more printers in the app for simple printing. You can also perform more complex printing tasks such as printing labels with one printer while printing packing slips to another.

2. Over-receipts on purchase orders.

If a vendor sends more items than were ordered, rather than asking that the surplus be returned, the vendor might agree to the oversupply. Previously, there was no place in your inventory to log this oversupply.

Now Dynamics365 BC purchase orders have been updated with fields, codes, and allowable tolerance percentages for over-receipt of stock.

3. The added ‘show more’ feature on lists.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC makes it easier to navigate and find what you need, with the new ‘show more’ feature on lists. Related items or fields can be opened directly from the list you’re working in. For instance, you can jump from the sales invoice list to the customer data card.

4. Improved bank reconciliations

Bank reconciliations have been made more efficient by improvements to the screens and the layout. The new look makes it easier to view additional information about transactions and compare entries on one screen.


Read Microsoft’s official overview of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC 2020 Release Wave 1.

Or watch the overview video

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