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Distribution of wine and spirits is a specialty business that presents some unique challenges. Unlike some other industries, wines and spirits are highly regulated, and every step of their production and distribution must meet governmental standards.


To help meet the demands of this unique business, Western Computer has developed 365WineTrade to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The combination of 365WineTrade and Dynamics 365 represents a state-of-the-art solution designed specifically for wine and spirits distributors.


Just as fine wine takes time to develop, we at Western Computer have spent time perfecting the functionality of 365WineTrade. We've immersed ourselves in the industry, we speak the language, and we understand the many challenges of this complex, competitive, and highly regulated business. For those reasons, our clients trust us to help them automate and navigate their business processes.


How 365WineTrade and Dynamics 365 Benefit Wine Distributors


Our expansive team of industry experts is committed to helping wine and spirits distributors compete in their market using innovative solutions and top of the line technology.


From complicated tax calculations and pricing to multi-state compliance and reporting, we've built in the logic, automation, and processes needed in the wine trade. And because 365WineTrade by Western Computer is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, integration with your ERP is seamless and unrivaled in enterprise-level ERP capabilities. Microsoft Cloud's 99.9% uptime guarantee will keep you on top of things 24/7.


Simplifies Compliance and Reporting


One of the significant challenges for wine and spirits distributors is compliance with varying regulations. Whether you operate in one state or have clients all 50—you can manage your distribution within one system, automatically and with accuracy. 365WineTrade will help you keep your various state liquor licenses always up to date while quickly adapting to changing regulations, complying with COLA labeling requirements, and simplifying VIP reporting.


Automates Tax Calculations


Calculating taxes for wine and spirits distribution can be a nightmare. It's time-consuming and chaotic, and it's imperative to get it right.


Federal, state, and local taxes, beverage taxes, import taxes, and more are all automated. Your pricing is always accurate, and regulatory compliance can be assured.


Handles Changes in Customer Pricing and Discounts


365WineTrade simplifies pricing and discounts. Establish price groups by producer, category, and/or customer, and apply discounts on the fly. Effortlessly track any additional costs, such as split cases and delivery.


365WineTrade is flexible enough to allow for:

  • Single Item Pricing
  • Volume Pricing
  • Mix and Match Pricing
  • Multi-size Pricing
  • Discounts by Volume, Free Goods, etc.
  • Bill and Hold
  • Family Plans and Customer Co-Ops


Manages Sales Orders End-to-End with Traceability


365WineTrade automates the application of chargebacks and bill backs to the original order, customer, and supplier. Our mobile apps for sales reps and delivery drivers let them quickly apply discounts, track return reasons, ensure product availability, and confirm accurate ordering and delivery. Your customers will receive current and accurate invoices instantly.


Manages Inventory Across Multiple Warehouses


365WineTrade lets you manage and track inventory across multiple warehouses and view stock and lead times in real-time.  Our exclusive 365ContainerTransport solution is included to simplify global shipment tracking, and you can even reserve inventory while en route.


365WineTrade also allows for:


  • Industry metrics, analytics and demand planning powered by Cortana machine learning
  •  Entering new items faster and more accurately with copy item wizard
  • Contextual workflows and resolutions with logic specific to your sales order types
  • Samples management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Automated communications and alerts
  • All-in-One system to manage your business
  • Robust financial management and document management
  • Reduced IT costs with all software and services at one monthly price
  • Automatic software updates and upgrades


Take a closer look


To help you understand how Western Computer's 365WineTrade for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can benefit your distribution business, we invite you to see it for yourself. Contact Western Computer to schedule a demo and get your questions answered by our industry experts.


By Western Computer,


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