Why Millennials Prefer the Integration and Automation Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

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Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by the year 2025. These employees are used to using personal applications to simplify every part of their lives. When something needs to be done, they simply click on an app. When these same employees enter the workplace, they expect the same conveniences to be available. Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes this convenience possible by creating a unified platform for workers.

Microsoft Dynamics gives an integrated and automated experience by delivering a single source of action. Businesses can request quotes or invoices within Outlook, allowing workers to take immediate action without leaving their inbox. Its cross-function with other Microsoft products supports efficient work in programs that people are comfortable using.

Microsoft Dynamics is also able to break down barriers in the organization. Centralized data management allows departments and business units to work as one. Data flowing in, through and out of your business enables everyone in the organization—from sales and marketing teams to production and service groups—to work with one version of the truth.

As millennials seek meaning in their work, they want to provide great service to the customers, patients, and clients they interact with. With Microsoft Dynamics, customer-facing employees have complete information—like order history, schedules, and inventory—so they can answer questions with confidence and provide personalized service.

Another benefit of Microsoft Dynamics is that it provides workflows to simplify work. Today’s workers expect tedious manual processes to be automated so they can focus on more important work. Through automated processes, Microsoft Dynamics manages the most common tasks, such as creating invoices, purchase orders, and production schedules. It also keeps orders moving through departments, ensuring prompt approvals, and keeping projects on track.

Modern employees get very frustrated if they have to go through cumbersome processes that require switching back and forth between multiple business applications, email, and document storage. Microsoft Dynamics gives users the ability to have access and control their data and technologies in order to be productive.

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