Solving Wholesale E-Commerce Challenges: Century Martial Arts [Case Study]

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Being the leader in your industry can be bitter-sweet as success always comes with some challenges. The large volume of manufacturing, pricing, stocking, receiving orders, and shipping can put stress on your current wholesale e-commerce platform and create a slew of other problems. This is what happened with Century Martial Arts.

Century Martial Arts is the world leader in martial arts supplies and services, who turned to Sana Commerce when looking for help to solve several issues and take their company to the next level. As a company that’s always invested in top-notch customer service and the technology required to support their organization, Century Martial Arts selected Sana Commerce as a business partner with plenty of wholesale e-commerce experience.

What kind of wholesale e-commerce problems were Century Martial Arts looking to solve?

Century Martial Arts was burdened with a slew of challenges and security issues from their initial wholesale e-commerce platform. They turned to us at Sana Commerce (along with Dynamics ERP implementation partner, RSM), to help them move beyond their legacy systems, replace their former mobile site, and enable more B2B functionality. And having a short runtime, getting a new web store live quickly was their top priority.

Was Sana Commerce able to tackle these issues?

We at Sana Commerce were able to take care of Century Martial Arts’ e-commerce problems and more. We delivered a flexible solution from which CMA could manage both B2B and B2C business processes – all while remaining aligned and integrated with Dynamics AX. In addition, Sana and RSM worked together with Century Martial Arts to develop custom solutions.

Was Sana able to get a web store and a wholesale e-commerce platform live in the short time-frame Century Martial Arts needed? Yes, in just 90 days! And with Sana’s custom price-caching solution page load speed on the Century Martial Arts web store was 10x faster, dropping to as low as 2-second load times.

Other wins they experienced included:

  • 40% of their B2B wholesale business is currently driven online
  • 25-30% growth in online B2C retail business
  • A more engaging web store
  • Higher accuracy in managing inventory and orders
  • Slashed resource and staffing shortage issues thanks to a higher volume of online self-service adoption

How does Century Martial Arts feel about their experience working with Sana Commerce?

Notice what Paul Webb, President of Century Martial Arts had to say:

“There’s a lot of reasons why I would recommend Sana to other companies. One, is they do what they say they’re gonna do. They make a commitment, they stand behind it. Second, they are a great business partner.” “These people were subject matter experts, not only in the system aspects of Dynamics AX, but also these people actually knew logistics. These people actually knew manufacturing. They knew sales and that made a world of difference.”

Mike Maloney, VIP of Technology at Century Martial Arts, added:

“We engaged Sana in a time that we were under extreme stress with our current platform. The ability for them to come in and handle the relationship and put us in a position to succeed was invaluable to us.”

Because of our professionalism, experience, and ability to tackle the issues facing Century Martial Arts, Sana Commerce has proven to be an indispensable wholesale e-commerce platform for Century Martial Arts. To read the full success story, browse the case study on our website.

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