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Microsoft Dynamics SL has driven business success since the 1980s, back when the product was known as Solomon, and before it was acquired by Microsoft. Even now, small and medium enterprises rely on SL 2015 and SL 2018, the most recent versions of the product, to drive their finances and operations. However, as more and more companies move to cloud-based ERP systems with virtually unlimited support timelines, it’s becoming more difficult to justify remaining on SL and dealing with versioning hurdles every few years. For this reason, an increasing number of SL users are migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics SL Support Timeline

Over the next few years, SL 2015 users in particular will have to decide whether or not they will continue using the system, and for how long. Mainstream support for SL 2015 ended on 1/14/20, and while the extended support plan will provide security and functionality updates through 1/14/25, users will be left vulnerable once that date passes. The situation is even more urgent for SL 2011 Service Pack 3 users, as extended support for that product ends on 7/13/21.

Many users are tempted to upgrade to SL 2018. After all, that version hasn’t even hit the midpoint of its mainstream support. However, that doesn’t change the fact that mainstream support for SL 2018 ends on 7/11/23, and extended support on 7/11/28. Even if that buys close to another decade of remaining on SL, it’s merely delaying the inevitable shift to a new ERP once SL 2018 reaches its end of life.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Support through the 2020s, 2030s and Beyond

The good news for SL users who wish to remain on a Dynamics platform is that there is an evergreen solution poised to support their businesses in the coming decades: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, the world’s most secure cloud for business, Dynamics 365 is truly a modern ERP in every respect. Because of its cloud-based architecture, users don’t have to manage their own servers, and upgrades and updates happen seamlessly. The computing power of the cloud allows Dynamics 365’s features grow and evolve boundlessly, so your business will always have access to the latest, greatest functionalities, which are accessed and utilized via a modern user interface.

Turnkey Technologies is offering a complimentary SL-to-Dynamics 365 migration assessment to SL users interested in moving to the cloud. We invite you to sign up for this unbeatable opportunity to learn what a migration would entail and how Dynamics 365 can take your business to new heights.


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By Turnkey Technologies, Inc. - Gold Microsoft Partner based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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