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I have been a fan of SalesPad for a while now, and with reason.  SalesPad applications transform Microsoft Dynamics GP by providing users with enhanced capabilities across all distribution modules and providing users with a multi-tasking interface and workflow capabilities that simply do not exist in GP or other products.

We have witnessed first-hand what the power of SalesPad can do for new and existing customers alike.  Our customers rave about the interface and how much more productive their employees are just because of it. The workflow capabilities and related monitoring and reporting features enhance business controls and visibility in a way that is simply years ahead of even the most modern ERPs out there.

However, many customers still don’t know about SalesPad, but once they take a look, it will be hard to ignore.  The benefits are just too great.

So how do you get customers to “take a look”? Give it away for free.

Meet SalesPad Boost: Now any GP user can enjoy a bit of SalesPad

While it is not possible for any company to give their products away, SalesPad has done the next best thing: They have created a way for any GP customer to benefit from classic SalesPad functionality, essentially giving anyone the chance to experience some of the functionality that makes this product so special.

This gift comes in the form of an easy-to-install add-in for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Once installed, users will be able to immediately benefit from enhanced Customer Search capabilities, sales document lookups and customer item history like they have never experienced before (unless they already have Salespad, of course).

A word of caution: You will become quickly addicted, and that is a good thing.

According to SalesPad, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  SalesPad plans to add more functionality to SalesPad Boost and will let it be their best salesperson.  I think that was a great idea and many GP users can benefit from it, today.

Download Free SalesPad Boost from the source.

ICON is in the business of making our customers more efficient and profitable since 1987.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad, we offer you power and insight you will not find with any other product.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner




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