Will Your Payroll System Withstand the Pace of Change?

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Will Your Payroll System Withstand the Pace of Change? Dynamics 365 Business Central payrollJust as technology is disrupting the traditional operations of businesses of all sizes and in nearly all industries, payroll management is starting to feel the impact of these changes. Artificial intelligence, digital payment options, and gig workers are all new aspects of the modern marketplace that fall well outside the norm of the standard paycheck. Will your existing payroll system be able to withstand change? Payroll NOW for Dynamics 365 Business Central by Integrity Data is the innovative payroll solution designed for today’s demands with the ability to adapt as your business grows and changes in the future.

Payroll Is More Than Just A Paycheck

Payroll has evolved to be much more than delivering paychecks. It’s not just about hours worked and pay rates anymore. There’s taxes and retirement plans to consider, as well as insurance and withholdings. On top of that, workers are part-time, flex-time, full-time, or remote. They may also have contract jobs, freelance, or take on gig jobs. Gigs can also be full-time, part-time, temporary, and paid by the project or by the hour.

How employees are getting paid is also evolving. Bitcoin, digital banks, and digital wallets are increasing in popularity. A real check, direct deposits, or digital currency could all be options for paying your employees. Are you ready for any of these modern-day payroll changes? If your business system doesn’t have a strong payroll component now, then it may be time to make some changes.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Payroll: Manage All Functions from One Platform

Payroll is not as straightforward as it once was. Outdated ledgers and disparate business management systems are inefficient and simply cannot keep up with the pace of change. It is possible to manage all payroll functions from one platform today and into the future. You start by putting a strong business system in place, then build the features and functions you need on top of that.

What can you do with a fully integrated Dynamics 365 Business Central payroll solution? Payroll NOW by Integrity Data delivers all the capabilities you need together in one place.

Right out-of-the-box you get:

  • Comprehensive Payroll Processing
  • Employee Self-Service Suite
  • Human Resources On-Boarding Features
  • ACA Compliance Reporting and E-filing
  • Federal and State Tax Filing
  • BI360 Integration

Payroll NOW is easy to install from AppSource and seamlessly integrates with the key features of Dynamics 365 Business Central. These integrations provide current, reliable insight into cash, vendors, accounts payable, and the general ledger. With a simple user interface and setup wizards, you can access all of your payroll functions, tasks, and information in one secure location. In addition, the features you need can be easily added, changed, or customized to remain in sync with your business operations.

Prepare for the Future of Payroll

Payroll processing is already a complicated process and changes are looming. Benefits programs, retirement and insurance, taxes and overtime pay, and digital transactions are already disrupting how payroll processing takes place today. Chances are you are experiencing some frustration and inefficiencies as payroll and other business operations are evolving in this digital age.

It's time to optimize payroll and prepare for whatever the future holds by deploying more modern technology. Contact Integrity Data for more information about Payroll NOW and how you can position your business for success in today’s fast-paced, digital-based marketplace.

Written by Integrity Data

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