Why Millennials Prefer the Accessibility of Microsoft Dynamics and How Your Company Could Be Affected

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It’s no secret that the way work is being done is rapidly changing. The definition of “workplace” has profoundly changed over the past decade. Modern employees have grown up in a world where information can be accessed at any place at any time. If they are employed at an organization where a centralized accounting system does not make this possible, they can feel frustrated. This hurts overall productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics provides the solution, giving every worker the capability to achieve their full potential anywhere. What benefits does this provide?

Work/life balance for parents

Many current and upcoming employees are also parents. Parents appreciate the flexibility to work from home—and still be productive—when the unexpected happens such as a sick child. Microsoft Dynamics is fully integrated with familiar Office tools like Outlook, Word, and Excel, so working from home is no less productive than being in the office.

Access to current data anywhere

When they meet with a customer over coffee, and the customer asks how many items they ordered last time, millennials expect to look up the information instantly on their phone. With Microsoft Dynamics, your sales reps can lookup previous orders, confirm inventory status before committing to delivery, and place the order, all from their mobile device.

Productive travel time

With centralized access to sales, projects, marketing and more, traveling employees can stay engaged no matter where they are. This mobility nearly eliminates wasted time so they can spend more time building profitable relationships with clients and more time at home with their families.

What impact do these features have in the real world? Notice how beneficial Alex Quinn, Marketing Manager at BroadPoint, has seen Microsoft Dynamics’ user mobility to be:

“Millennials love the mobile-friendly capabilities Dynamics 365 offers them. In the busy world we live in, the need to easily connect to Dynamics 365 from phones and tablets, while still enjoying an easy, intuitive user experience, is critical.”

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