Long Term Relationships with 5 Texas Based Non-Profits Leads to Success

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Millions of non-profit organizations worldwide are working hard every day to provide goods, services, and resources to benefit their communities. They need to focus on their mission than on technology. However, as these organizations grow, adding personnel, locations, funding sources, and initiatives, a reliable non-profit accounting system is essential.

Our team at Express Information Systems is committed to helping non-profits expand their vision with the right technology.

We are proud of the many Texas-based non-profit organizations we have worked with over the years. We've helped them successfully implement non-profit accounting systems that meet their unique needs and allow them to expand their goals. Here are a few of our outstanding success stories:

Community Bible Church is a non-profit organization based in San Antonio, Texas. They wanted to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP as their accounting software but needed it tailored to their specific needs. We were able to help them by taking the time to truly get to know the organization. Terry Parks from Community Bible Church said, "We wanted information systems that would be flexible and allow us to manage multiple locations at the same time. [Express Information Systems] understood our issues, understood our problems and was able to help us resolve them."

A key factor for us when working with non-profit companies has been building long term relationships. We have worked with Jean Yeargan, from Barshop Jewish Community Center for more than 23 years. In a video interview, she said about our team, "They're informative, they know exactly what they're dealing with. They know what your needs are before you even tell them. They've done their research, and they're just awesome."

Another organization that we have had a long relationship with is the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The world's largest organization handling anti-fraud training and education supports 85,000 members across the globe. Their Chief Financial Officer, Marianne Fatter, has chosen to work with Express Information Systems for 13 years at ACFE and nearly a decade before that when she was in other positions. She said about our team, "They know our business backward and forwards in order to set up these integration systems...We never have any downtime when it comes to something they've done. It's always right."

Our customer, Fernando Godinez at the Mexican American Unity Council said, "What I like best about Express Information is the consistency of the people. I have dealt with the same Rana from day one about 20 years ago, and I love that!"

Goodwill Industries of SA has been our client since 1999, and they continue to trust us with their business. David Dauphine said, "With over $90 million in revenue, we've not had a problem with the growth and with the scalability of any solution that they brought to us."

We are proud to say that, with our help, these non-profit organizations can successfully manage their accounting needs and continue their mission to impact the communities around them in a positive way.

We want to help your non-profit see the same kind of results with non-profit accounting. Let's start the conversation... contact our team at Express Information Systems at (210) 614-9410.

By Express Information Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central and Sage Intacct Partner, https://www.expressinfo.com/

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