How to Create Purchase Credit Memo in Business Central

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Our latest addition to the Tensoft’s series of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training videos, is a demo on creating a purchase credit memo in Business Central.


Below is a partial transcription of this training video:
“For this demo, I’ll be showing how to generate a purchase credit memo. We will go ahead and assume that we have a purchase invoice that has already been approved and we have already posted it. So, we don’t want to pay it because may be there’s a fault in what we received, or something returned, or we had an agreement that we would not pay it. So, we can start by going to Purchase Credit Memos on the Purchasing tab. Here we can create a New one. And for the sake of this demo, I already know the invoice we are going apply this credit memo to.
We can start by selecting the Vendor. There are two ways to fill in the lines here. I am going to show the way that I think is the most efficient which is going to Process -> Copy Document. This will allow you to search for a document and copy it straight to the lines. We go ahead and pick Posted Invoice and from the document number, it will pull up a screen where we can search our invoices. I will filter by Vendor, and the invoice that we I want to apply this memo to is Invoice 107209 for $200. I will go ahead and click OK. So, what that did here is apply that document to the lines and on top of that it also went ahead and applied the credit memo to that document here. So now that’s there, we can send this credit memo to the vendor and if everything is agreed and they are happy, you can click here.
I will go ahead and put PCM001 here and for our posting we are required to add tax area code, so we will add that here. And once that’s done, we can go ahead and finish this by Posting. We can go to the purchase credit memo and this is what the posted credit memo will look like and if we want to see the effect of this credit memo, we can go ahead and look for the invoice that it was applied to. So, we search for the vendor, Fabricam, go to the Posted Invoices, and we can see this invoice for $200 for 107209 no longer has a remaining amount.”
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- By John Ocampo, Tensoft, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

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