Office 365 SharePoint Portals: How to Access your Dynamics ERP or CRM Data in Real-time

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Did you know that 3 out of 4 consumers prefer to solve their service issues on their own? Giving your customers, vendors and employees access to the information they need, when they need it most is critical in a fast-moving business environment. An Office 365 SharePoint portal not only provides your users with mobile-friendly, 24/7 self-service access, it can integrate with a variety of data sources in real-time.


DynamicPoint portals are built using the leading standard of data integration technology, enabling us to collaborate with information from a variety of sources. Data can reside in your ERP, CRM, custom database applications, cloud storage and even local file locations such as Excel. To expand the possibilities even further, we have teamed up with a leading data connectivity product by the name of CDATA, which allows us to connect to even more information.  A list of their supported drivers can be found here.

Data from any of these sources can be shared on the DynamicPoint Portal application, and therefore an integral part of a customer, vendor or employee Office 365 SharePoint-based extranet. This means that data can be included from your ERP, CRM, custom database, or offline files and the user viewing the data experiences it seamlessly together on a one-stop, collaborative portal.

With unlimited integration potential, we save our users time and money. There’s no need to build complicated interfaces to bring all the data together when we can easily publish it on the portal from whatever system it resides in.

How Our Portals Work | Portal Sync Service

The options are endless. But to get started, here are some common ways our portals can help users at your organization:


·         View order details and create new ​transactions

·         Manage company contact information

·         View inventory​

·         Print statements​

·         Pay invoices

·         Open support cases or return requests​


·         View purchase orders and provide updates​

·         Provide fulfillment status and shipping details​

·         Manage inventory​

·         Vendor on boarding, including W-9 and company forms​

·         See existing payment status and submit new​invoices

·         Share KPIs and performance goals


Interested in seeing how our portal application can streamline service operations and improve customer, vendor and employee satisfaction at your business? Come prepared with your tough integration questions as we hope to show you how extensible and flexible our portal solution can be. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more.


February 27, 2020
10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET


Can’t join the webinar? Sign up for a free trial, view pricing details or schedule a product demonstration.

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