How to Improve B2B Customer Experience: A Look at the E-Commerce Returns Process

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Order errors and returns negatively affect your B2B profits, of course, but it's critical to also consider the impact the e-commerce returns process has on your customers.

Errors on your e-commerce site might also negatively affect your customers and their businesses. So, for everyone’s benefit, let’s also consider how you can meet the challenges, prevent errors, and reduce returns.

Loyal customers are the bread and butter of most businesses. Addressing your buyers’ needs and eliminating some of their challenges will greatly contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Surveying the Landscape: The Challenges Today

Several factors cause the errors your customers encounter. But we see two distinct categories emerge: human error on the part of buyers and incorrect or incomplete information displayed on your e-commerce site. Human error may include anything such as your buyer selecting the wrong items or quantities, incorrectly entering shipping or billing information, or failure to complete the purchase entry. Incorrect information displayed on your site may have to do with faulty display of products, inventory not available, related products not suggested, and pricing changes not updated.

The Potential Impact on Your B2B Customers (and Customer Experience)

With B2B buyers placing frequent and large orders, even a slight inefficiency in the ordering and returns process can have a big impact on their bottom lines. After all, they are trying to meet the needs of their retail customers and make a profit. Order errors and returns cut into their sales, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

44% Online order errors impact profitability, efficiency, productivity and sales of customers organizations.

How To: Limit E-Commerce Errors and Returns

Facilitating error-free order intake and avoiding any decrease in profitability, efficiency, productivity, and profit for your customers’ organizations is key to delivering excellent B2B customer experience. According to our data, the cause of the errors and returns vary. But the solutions are simple.

B2B Customer Online Errors Graph

These are some of the steps you can take to prevent e-commerce returns and errors, due to human errors and incorrectly displayed information:

1. Ensure you are using clear, accurate, and complete online product descriptions.

Incorrect product selection is the leading cause of online order error and returns. To help your customers make correct selections, be sure to provide detailed product descriptions. Include all the information your customer might need in an easy-to-understand format. Include images, diagrams, and product specifications.

2. Make use of the power of and data housed in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

With an ERP-integrated e-commerce platform such as Sana Commerce’s, display issues such as incorrect products, out-of-date pricing, and out-of-stock items will be eliminated. An integrated platform enables your e-commerce site to display the up-to-date, real-time, and accurate product, pricing, and inventory information stored in your ERP.

3. Give customers round-the-clock access to account and order history.

With all the information they need available at any time, your customers can select the correct product, verify account and shipping information, and complete purchase entry easily. ERP-integrated e-commerce provides buyers with round-the-clock access to their account information stored in your ERP system via your web store.

4. Offer customers a clear and easy e-commerce returns process.

Even if, despite everyone’s best efforts, there are order errors, the impact on your customers’ business can be minimized through an easier, more efficient returns process. Customers want to access returns information and process their returns online. Many will be persuaded to choose a vendor with that option.

Address your buyers’ needs and help eliminate some of their challenges, and they’ll thank you with their loyalty.

For more insights, download our 2019 report about your buyers’ behavior, current demands, and future needs.

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