New eBook: 21 Reasons Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics

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As each year goes by, more and more individuals reach retirement age. This is leading to the majority of the workforce being comprised of Millennials. It is predicted that in 2020, those born between about 1980 and 2000 will constitute half of the workforce and by 2025, 75% of the global workforce.* The result is that many organizations see the need to change from outdated systems to modern ERP and CRM software programs. Why is this change becoming so necessary?

Think for a minute about the life of a Millennial. In primary school they were introduced to computers. In middle school they were given a cell phone. And by high school they were writing blogs and running their own YouTube channel. Their entire life has involved technology. This technology has given them quick access to information, the ability to instantaneously communicate on social networks, and the capability to perform in a minute tasks that otherwise would have taken hours. Needless to say, Millennials highly value the convenience of technology. How does that affect them in the workplace?

In order for Millennials to feel comfortable and motivated on the job, they need to experience the same conveniences that they have become accustomed to. This is where the ERP and CRM functions in Microsoft Dynamics come in. Providing companies with mobile support, industry leading-collaboration, centralized data management, and top of the line security, Microsoft Dynamics combines the conveniences Millennials want with the efficiency the company needs. It's a software that can truly change the future of an organization.

15 industry experts have come together to give us “21 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics” and how implementing it could change the future of a company. To read the full white paper visit

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