Year-End Update for the Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll Module Now Available

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The year-end update for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll module has been released on December 20. Microsoft is currently documenting the changes that will be applied, but in the meantime, here is what you should know about the 2019 year-end update for the Canadian payroll module.


What do you need to do before installing the update?

Most organizations ask their partner to install the payroll module update for them. If your partner has not already contacted you, then we highly recommend contacting them directly: they will be able to let you know of any specifics, either in regards to the update itself or to your environment. For example, if you are using an older version of the system, it may be necessary to migrate to a more recent version for the update to be installed and run properly.

Moreover, before proceeding with the first pay of 2020, all pay runs for 2019 must be completed. Once this has been done, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of the tax update and finish by closing the payroll year. The first payroll of 2020 can be generated afterwards. If you require any support or assistance to close your year, contact your Dynamics GP partner.


Can you install the update yourself?

While we do not recommend installing the update yourself, it is possible to do so. Once available, the update file can be downloaded from Partnersource or Customersource, or your Dynamics GP partner may send it to you directly. Then you can follow the recommended year-end closing procedures for the GP Canadian payroll module. After finishing your pay runs for the current year, you should install the year-end update and complete the year-end file reset before doing any pay runs for the next year. The year-end update will contain the new tax codes needed.

For a step-by-step checklist, refer to the Year-end closing procedures for the Canadian Payroll module in Microsoft Dynamics GP on the Microsoft website.


If you are still using Dynamics GP 2015 …

Support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will end on April 14, 2020, after which Microsoft will no longer provide security and year-end updates or patches for this version. If you are using the Canadian Payroll module with GP 2015, this means that you will not receive tax updates for the following year. As such, we recommend planning your migration to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues related to usability, security or compatibility.

The US Payroll module is available now. For more information, refer to the Microsoft Dynamics GP-2019 Year-End Blog Series.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation specialist in Quebec

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