The Top 6 Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Done Right

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Whether you’re just exploring the idea of a web store for your business or you’ve already instituted one, you’re no doubt interested in knowing how much a good B2B e-commerce solution, such as Sana Commerce's B2B E-Commerce Solution for Microsoft Dynamics, will contribute to your success.

There is no denying that we live in a digital age. A growing majority of shoppers would rather skip the hassle and go right to the internet to order what they need. Think about how much more this applies to businesses that buy often and in large quantities.

Insight into the needs of your B2B customers will help you stay ahead of trends and gain a competitive edge. With the right e-commerce solution, you can provide your business customers with what they want, when they want it. It will be good for their business and good for yours. Choosing the right B2B e-commerce solution can help you invite more traffic, achieve more productivity, and realize increased profit from your web store.

6 Key Benefits of B2B E-Commerce for Dynamics

1: Attract new clients

A web store with a B2B e-commerce solution expands your online presence, allowing new business clients and resellers to find you through online searches. You may choose to publish your catalog pages, complete with pictures, online, so buyers know at a glance if your business is likely to provide what they need.

With the right tools, online marketing is easy. You can target your marketing content to grab the attention of prospective customers, boost online engagement, and improve their customer experience with your company.

2: Improve sales

Of course, attracting more customers should translate to increased sales. In addition, you can create lucrative cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by displaying related products or similar items offering more features. Based on their browsing history, you can recommend specific, relevant products to your customers.

Based on a survey of 100+ global B2B Sana customers, we've found that our clients have reported an average 21% jump in e-commerce conversion rates and an 8% jump in revenue as a result of their integrated B2B web stores.

To learn more, download our customer research factsheet.

3: Lower costs

Growing revenue while containing costs is a goal of every successful business. An integrated B2B e-commerce solution is designed to meet that goal. By automating and digitizing your business processes from order entry to customer service, you can cut down on unnecessary costs while making your business more efficient and more profitable. Sana Commerce customers report savings in inventory costs, sales costs, personnel expenses, loss due to manual order entry, product catalog maintenance costs, and total cost of new customer acquisition.

4: Get customer feedback

A great online buying experience insures returning customers and drives future sales. It may also drive referrals, an additional resource.  Positive customer reviews are often more valuable than a manufacturer tooting his own horn. Who doesn’t look at other customers’ reviews before making a buying decision?

An exceptional web store: easy, efficient, complete, informative, etc., can turn your clients into marketers for your business. Their positive reviews can produce a notable increase in sales. And if there are negative comments, you’ll have the opportunity to address the problems.

5: Reach new markets

We’ve talked about how a B2B e-commerce solution can help you reach more clients. It can also help you expand your client base into other markets.

Unlike a local, human sales team, your online sales portal will be available 24/7, 365 days a year. By eliminating the challenge of time differences, B2B e-commerce makes it easier than ever to serve a wider international market.

6: Achieve data-centricity

Powerful B2B e-commerce software not only allows you to streamline and automate many of your business processes but, integrated with your ERP system, it can also give you unique insight into the data that matters most to your sales and marketing operations.

Your B2B e-commerce solution, along with your ERP solution, can calculate detailed sales statistics for each of your clients: order totals, revenue, profit percentages, or even discounts within a specific period. With so much data available, there’s no need for vague estimates.

Dive Deeper into the Benefits of Integrated B2B E-Commerce

Would you like to know about even more benefits of an integrated B2B e-commerce solution from Sana Commerce?  Read our factsheet on the 44+ benefits of ERP integration for e-commerce.

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