Position Your Payroll Team for Success in 2020

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Position Your Payroll Team for Success in 2020The first quarter and last quarter of the year are often the busiest times of the year for payroll teams everywhere. Year-end data must be collected and reported and, even more importantly, W-2 statements need to be prepared and mailed to employees right after the new year. Position your payroll team for success in 2020 with these two affordable payroll solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Most Wonderful (and Stressful) Time of The Year

Did you happen to sing that line as you read it? It’s no surprise that Q4 and Q1 are the busiest times of the year. There’s year-end reporting, goal setting for the new year, and tax preparation – all within a few months of each other. On top of that, schools are out and employees are using whatever vacation time they have left. How can you manage a high workload with a high vacation rate? Lighten the workload with technology.

Gift Your Payroll Teams These 2 Payroll Productivity Software Solutions

Pressure is often high during year-end activities and tax preparation, and so are frustrations. Distractions are not welcomed when your payroll team is focused on critical reporting tasks. Give your team the support they need and position them for success by deploying these 2 payroll productivity software solutions:

1. Employee E-Mail Suite: Printing W-2, 1095-C, and direct deposit statements wastes hours, if not days, of valuable time. Plus, the cost of paper and postage for mailing these documents isn’t getting any cheaper. Save your team hours of time by providing these important documents to employees through a secure email system using Employee E-Mail Suite.

Statements or other corporate documents are sent as a password-protected Adobe PDF document. Each employee has a unique password to open the document using a web portal on their computer or mobile device. Transmitting these documents through e-mail is far more efficient than printing them and stuffing envelopes.

2. Paycheck “What If” Calculator: Employees get raises, bonuses and make changes to deductibles, exemptions, or other variables. These changes can impact their paycheck and lead to questions. Questions distract your payroll team from other important tasks, which can be troublesome when in the middle of year-end and new year activities. See how that all leads to quite the snowball effect on your poor payroll team?

The Paycheck “What If” and Gross-Up Calculator allows employees to answer their own questions without disrupting your payroll team. The calculator can be used to gross-up the amount of a bonus, gift or employee check so that the net check is a pre-determined amount. Employees can calculate a hypothetical paycheck or forecast how a paycheck might look with changes to federal and state exemptions, deductions, or when electing different types of coverage during open enrollment.

And the bonus is using the Paycheck What If and Gross-Up Calculator won’t impact the employee’s master record, which protects existing data as the employee is considering their options.

Improve Payroll Productivity Heading Into 2020

Managing finances is a critical part of your business, and payroll is equally essential to your employees. Interrupting your payroll team from these important tasks, especially at year-end, is a productivity drain. Improve payroll productivity heading into 2020 by deploying these two GP payroll add-ons. Contact Integrity Data for guidance with deploying the software solutions that will set your payroll team up for success, as well as provide added control and insight over these and other important payroll tasks.

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