20 Predictions for 2020

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20 Predictions for 2020 and a brief history of 20/20 Vision! With 2020 around the corner, I would like to outline 20 predictions for 2020 as they pertain to ERP systems and Business Solutions. So, let’s have some fun!

What a fun year we have ahead of us! 2020! Being a lifelong corrective lens wearer, 20/20 vision was always my goal! Myopia, or nearsightedness as it is also called, has been corrected for more than a few centuries. It was the work of German ophthalmologist Heinrich Georg Kuchler in 1843 that standardized vision testing. Herman Snellen, a Dutch ophthalmologist standardized the eye chart and fonts we all know and love in our eye tests today. With 11 rows of letters at 20 feet away, thus creating the “normal vision” at 20 feet away.

Prediction #1: More businesses than ever will have a moment of clarity around their on-premise infrastructure.

Prediction #2: The average age of users will decline, welcoming in younger workers into the accounting and finance roles.

Prediction #3: The impact of the younger workers will drive innovation around business processes, accounting systems and usability.

Prediction #4: Retiring CFO’s, Controllers and CIO’s will look to leave a legacy of better systems and processes.

Prediction #5: The User Experience will drive the need for more apps not less.

Prediction #6: Solid accounting processes will be automated with workflow at levels never before achieved.

Prediction #7: More transactions than ever will come into the accounting system through external automation and integration. Less transactions will be input manually.

Prediction #8: Accounting and Finance Teams will perform more exception handling, control and approvals than they have historically.

Prediction #9: Accounting systems that incorporate automation and workflow will succeed by integrating into the modern office environment (desktop/mobile/tablet).

Prediction #10: CEO’s, Sales Leaders, Managers will demand real-time analytics that are meaningful – not just pretty charts and graphs.

Prediction #11: Analytics solutions will begin to perform on the promise of being prescriptive.

Prediction #12: Artificial Intelligence will begin to have some real business impact, albeit somewhat limited in scope and solution.

Prediction #13: Performance of solutions will demand faster processing platforms, better load times and instant results to data analysis.

Prediction #14: Elon Musk will still be an influential technology leader and have some additional media challenges. LOL

Prediction #15: The cloud is not going away. On premise systems are. Quasi-cloud providers (older hosting models) too will be relegated to the backburner.

Prediction #16: The security concerns; malware, spyware, ransomware will continue to grow!

Prediction #17: Disaster recovery will become more of a business continuity planning exercise.

Prediction #18: Businesses will move more and more of their business costs to an operating expense model, significantly increasing the Software as a Service pricing models.

Prediction #19: Although business will move more to SaaS, they will require a solid ROI (Return on Investment) conclusion before buying.

Prediction #20: A lot of other people will make 20 predictions for 2020… LOL

When December of 2020 rolls around, it will be interesting to see how accurate and timely these predictions are. Afterall, hindsight is 2020!

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