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"You had me at 'Hello'" is a famous line from the movie, "Jerry Maguire", 1996 featuring Renée Zellweger and Tom Cruise. Well, Hello  ERP Software Blog and similarly to Jerry, I am going to outline the thesis behind who Modern ERP is and why we formed!

We know that Microsoft Dynamics SL and GP (Legacy Systems which also includes other, older ERP systems) clients are at a crossroads! The roadmap is uncertain for some clients who are looking at continuing their investments in IT Services, ERP software maintenance fees and continuing server purchases. Modern ERP provides legacy ERP clients a path forward to their appropriate cloud technologies. We know you are challenged by having on-premise hardware, software, IT overhead and maintenance fees that cause a spending pattern that is costly and does not benefit the business. This CapEx model is expensive and causes businesses to spend precious capital on mission-critical applications.

The Modern path forward approach is to bring clarity to our clients by creating a roadmap to the Modern ERP solutions that are right for you. We have multiple approaches to accomplish this. We typically see a few common paths forward for our customers. They include:

  • Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to take advantage of economies of scale and low per user/per month pricing. Our packages provide you with more than just a migration, providing you with Management Consulting to oversee the success of the project.
  • Migrations to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services for your Dynamics SL and GP. This may or may not include upgrading your system to the latest version. This option provides you with the same user experience but in a totally protected cloud to keep your system safe and uptime at the highest possible level. This path provides management consulting to provide you with a more complex, elegant path forward that fits your business needs over a timeline that fits for your business. Complex SL and NAV customers fit into this mold typically.
  • Legacy Support for customers who are not ready to move off of Dynamics SL and GP but want the support they deserve.

Here are some key elements of working with Modern ERP. For our clients who typically use Dynamics GP and SL or other solutions such as Sage or Acumatica, begin with the Modern Self Assessment™ process that will provide you with a collection form that can then be used to outline your path forward. This may include packaged solutions to move all financials functionality, sales and purchasing to Dynamics 365. It may also include complex migration paths or simply Support for Today and Direction for Tomorrow! To support you, we have the partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

To prepare for the journey, we offer a Demo Guide™ to request a demo of the Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution. Licensing is simplified through our License Guide™ which will give you a cost of licensing for the solutions you are considering. Concerned about the total cost of ownership? We can calculate that also and you can use our Modern TCO Calculator™ to give you a real TCO.

Our Dynamics 365 licensing requires no long term contracts!  The only commitments are those we make to you, to constantly earn your loyalty and your business.

For our clients who have more complex requirements such as customizations, integrations, transaction volume concerns or other complex business processes we offer Management Consulting and Cloud Advisory Services to map forward your business. Typically, during these engagements we find solutions to your common problems today which will help you bridge from the pain you have today to the solutions you will have tomorrow.

Sometimes, however, clients just need Support Services for their existing Dynamics SL/GP instance. Should that be your situation, we have the ability to take you on as a new client and provide all the Microsoft Support Services you need to keep you running while you work with us to outline your future state. This just simply requires you to fill out a change of partner form, complete our Support Guide™ to get you started. We will find programs that support you best by providing you with cost-effective solutions for you.

Finally, booking of time and selection of services should be easy to perform. Therefore, our integrative approach to this is to Book Time™ through to our calendars directly! No back and forth. No “is your afternoon open?” questions. Just straight-through solutions to get you started.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you and your company. You can e-mail!

Have a great day!



3 thoughts on “You had me at "hello"! Modern ERP”

  1. ERP modernization is the re-architecting, re-platforming, re-hosting, replacing, re-engineering, or retiring of the software to align more closely with current business needs. The overall goal is to create new value. In fact, 31 percent of small to medium businesses have a goal to modernize their business systems. But why is modernizing your ERP system so important? Because ERP must address more complex processes in a digital era.

    1. It is definitely that ERP will need to address more functionality, yes. However, the "how" of that interaction is what makes it modern or not. For example, in today's world, it is not simply good enough to integrate to Microsoft Office. We have "been there, done that" for many years. Today, the modern approach is to integrate that integration into the workday meaning into your Outlook client, Microsoft Excel or other tools in such a way as it is intuitive as to what to "do" with the information that formally acts upon the information and creates value through the transaction. Think: approving a quote, an invoice, other data. Thank you for your comments and let us know if we can help you further.

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