What Does Moving to the Cloud Mean for Dynamics AX Users?

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The era of digital transformation is here and enterprise-level businesses are steadily moving their software solutions to the cloud. Office applications were the first wave of transition to the cloud, with users across the globe now accessing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from any device and any location. Now corporations are moving to the next phase of cloud computing by making the transition to cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions.

Dynamics 365 is the obvious choice for current Dynamics AX users who are looking for technology to transform their business in the 21st century. With Dynamics 365, companies are able to integrate departments, connect solutions, and gain visibility into real-time data to make important business decisions. With data at the core, users are able to predict customer demand, better understand asset depreciation and maintenance scheduling, streamline production, and much more.

Azure, Microsoft’s secure cloud platform, gives users a 99.9 percent up-time, automatic back-up and recovery, and unmatched security and governance. With data redundancy and round-the-clock security monitoring, threat management, intrusion detection, and penetration testing, it’s needless to say that data living on Azure is safe and well-protected.

The cloud gives businesses the opportunity to scale their system when needed and avoid paying for expensive servers and hardware. For example, a Midwest-based music festival relies on Azure to host their event and ticket processing website. During the winter months, they garner little traffic to the site, but before and during the event, their site traffic grows exponentially. With Azure, they’re able to scale up their needs during those high-traffic times, and scale back during the slower months of the year – saving them money and resources.

Benefits of the cloud extend to other areas as well.

  • Data integration between commonly-used applications like Office and Outlook
  • Full view of your business using real-time data and business analytics in Power BI
  • Automated workflows to streamline processes and reduce manual entry
  • Easily customized or extended solution with PowerApps and AppSource
  • Shared data with all Dynamics 365 apps, connecting sales, marketing, field service, talent, and customer service with the back office

The digital transformation for businesses is here to stay and companies that take advantage of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain management will have the upper hand moving forward. With clearer data insights, predictive functionality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Power Platform, corporations can streamline and run more efficiently than ever before.

Continue reading about the benefits of Dynamics 365 and why Dynamics AX users are moving to the cloud on the Stoneridge website.


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