How to Update Your Reports Dictionaries in Microsoft Dynamics GP without a Package File

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Perhaps you have upgraded or updated Microsoft Dynamics GP to a new version or service pack level, and you need to update your Reports Dictionaries. You may have just one Reports Dictionary for GP, or you may have many for various other dictionaries, such as Fixed Assets, or a third-party product, and you need to update those reports. You can do this without having exported those reports to a package file.

The steps to do this are:
  1. Prior to your upgrade, take a copy of all Reports dictionaries (the GP standard reports dictionary is named Reports.dic) and move them from their current location.
  2. After your successful upgrade, with all users out of Microsoft Dynamics GP, launch GP as the sa user.
  3. Click Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Customize | Report Writer. Launching Report Writer will create a new, blank Reports.dic file in the specified location as set by your install of the new version.
  4. In Report Writer, click Reports. The Modified Reports list should be empty because this a new Reports.dic.
  5. Click Import.
  6. Click the ellipsis button (...) next to the Source Dictionary box. Find the copy of your original Reports.dic file that you moved in step 1, and then click Open.
  7. In the Source Dictionary Reports list, select the modified reports that you want to import, and click Insert. The reports are listed in the Reports to Import list.
  8. Once you have inserted all the reports, click Import. This will import all of your modified reports into the new Reports.dic file.


You can use these same steps for each of your different reports dictionaries.


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