Blog Series: Third-Party Logistics via EDI

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Outsourcing distribution to 3PLs, also known as third-party logistics, public warehouses or logistics service providers, is increasingly popular for many companies, especially those expanding into new markets. 3PL’s allow companies to focus on their core strengths, while leaving the physical storage and distribution of their goods to the experts.

To make outsourced logistics seamless and cost-effective, advanced organizations implement electronic communications through EDI. Data Masons has worked with over one hundred companies on 3PL via EDI implementation, and is pleased to present our three part blog series, most useful for companies considering utilizing a 3PL or implementing EDI messaging into their existing 3PL process.

The first part discusses X12 EDI standard most frequently used by 3PL’s. Part two discusses master file exchanges. And part three details the five transaction scenarios.

Read Part 1

Read Part 2

Read Part 3

For more information about how other EDI customers have found success, read our white paper, Customer Successes and Challenges.

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