5 Ways to Be the GP Payroll Hero

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5 Ways to Be the GP Payroll Hero Payroll processing, regardless of your software solution, is a task that often involves making corrections, tracking hours in complicated ways, creating refunds, and modeling pay scenarios. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, all of these situations are possible to manage, but they require numerous manual steps and can be pretty tricky to get right.

Integrity Data specializes in helping customers with their business needs, especially when it comes to payroll, so over the years we’ve developed several GP payroll add-ons to enhance functionality and make things simpler for you.

Ready to be the GP Payroll hero?

Here are 5 powerful ways you can improve your internal payroll processing within Dynamics GP.

1. Payroll corrections

Sure, GP allows payroll corrections, but it’s a many-step process that most users work to avoid if at all possible. With our Negative Payroll Transactions tool, you can correct payroll time entries or make adjustments in just a single step. Your financials and leave balances are then automatically adjusted within GP.

2. Refunding an employee deduction

Whatever your reasons are for needing to refund an employee deduction, processing it within GP is not easy. You need to get the money to that person, but you also have to fix everything in your payroll and ledgers. Negative Deductions allows you to streamline this process.

With Negative Deductions, you can easily correct over-withheld deductions, including automatic deductions. Most importantly, these corrections are reflected in tax calculations for both employer and employee. And, those deductions will appear on the employee’s pay stub so they can see exactly what has happened.

3. Automatically distribute pay stubs via email

Want to save paper but don’t want to set up employee self-service portals? Plenty of businesses continue to physically print and mail earnings statements to employees. This is time-consuming and costly. With Employee E-mail Suite, you can automatically send emails directly from GP to each employee with their earnings statement attached as a password-protected PDF. It’s super easy to set up, and super easy to use which makes employers and employees super happy.

4. Track leave time, including mandated sick leave

Numerous new state laws have mandated paid sick leave for every single employee in an organization. With these new regulations, tracking and compliance can become a very time-consuming and confusing issue. For example, how should your business deal with this for scattered employees that live in states with differing regulations?

On top of this confusion, it can be difficult to track more standard scenarios of employee leave, such as jury duty and PTO. Comprehensive Leave Manager helps you handle this mess, including managing mandated sick time. You can input unlimited user-defined types of leave, view a transaction history for each leave type, and more.

5. Quickly answer employee pay modeling questions

It’s a classic frustration: employees sometimes come to you with questions about their net pay and how it might be affected by changes such as withholding different deductions. You want to be helpful, but figuring out the answers to their questions by modeling the pay in GP is time-consuming and creates its own set of problems.

End the struggle with the Paycheck “What If” Calculator which lets you quickly answer those questions for every employee. It also makes it easy to perform employee gross-up calculations. Not only does this make it much easier and faster to help employees, you won’t need to remember to delete permanent data changes or fix other aspects of GP.

Time to save the day, and payroll

The tools we’ve developed at Integrity Data work to improve existing functionality within Dynamics GP Payroll, not replace it. That means our upgrades are simple and work inside GP to get the job done. Visit us online to learn more about our payroll solutions for Dynamics GP, and feel free to contact us any time with questions or to schedule a personal demonstration. Take advantage of our promo through January 31, 2019, and you'll be the GP Payroll hero in your office!

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