When is Outsourcing ACA Reporting a Good Idea?

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When is Outsourcing ACA Reporting a Good Idea?When the reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act were first introduced to the business world, it became immediately clear to us at Integrity Data that businesses needed help with this ACA reporting and compliance. After making ACA compliance software available from the get-go, we launched an outsourcing ACA reporting service for employers last year: ACA PREMIUM Full-Service for employers.

Why do we provide full service ACA reporting services?

Because of this wish expressed by many customers, we decided to introduce a full-service reporting option to employers who don’t want to continue dealing with ACA reporting in-house. Is this a good option for your business? We’ve found that organizations outsource for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Convenience and the opportunity to avoid frustration
  • Saving time/energy to focus on more essential aspects of the business
  • Avoiding ACA penalties for non-compliance
  • ROI and cost savings resulting from the time saved

If any of these reasons resonate with you, it might be a good idea to consider how our full-service reporting option would benefit your business. Our self-service option provides templates and support to get the job done, but some businesses find it best to outsource everything completely.

Interested in learning more? Here’s some more information about our ACA PREMIUM Full Service Reporting option for employers:

What is the full service ACA option and how does it work?

From a big picture perspective, the full service option is very simple: you send us your payroll data in its original format. We take care of everything else. No need to input data into our templates like you do using our self-service ACA reporting tool. We provide a secure method for transferring data; you’ll simply send us your employee census data, coverage data, and (if you need eligibility tracking) hours worked.

When you enroll in ACA PREMIUM Full Service by Integrity Data, you’ll be assigned a Senior Account Manager who will do all the next steps for you and be your primary support whenever you need them.

What does the full service option include?

We will take care of everything, including:

  • Year-end IRS reporting
    • Creating 1095-Cs for all your employees (and sending them!)
    • Generating the 1094-C
    • E-filing of the 1094-C and 1095-Cs with the IRS
  • Assisting with any errors reported by you, your employees, or the IRS
  • Ensuring your ACA information is securely stored in case of audit or compliance checks
  • If needed, year-round penalty risk management including variable hour tracking and consulting and sending you monthly eligibility reports

Is outsourcing ACA reporting a good fit for your organization?

If you’re interested in completely outsourcing your ACA reporting, we recommend signing up for a free ACA consultation with Integrity Data ACA experts. We also developed, continue to enhance, and provide support for our ACA STANDARD Self-Service ACA compliance solution for employers. We’ve been experts in ACA since 2012, and we’re uniquely qualified to help you assess the best solutions for your business.

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