October 2019 Dynamics GP Releases and Integrity Data Product Updates

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October 2019 Dynamics GP Releases and Integrity Data Product Updates


Dynamics GP 2019 Compatibility Release

Microsoft released the next version of Dynamics GP (formerly known as Dynamics GP 2018*) on October 7, 2019. Soon, we will have our 2019 release of Integrity Data product compatibility updates – our promise is 90 days but we usually do all we can to have it to you within 30 days – stay tuned!

Although this will primarily be a compatibility release, the updates will also include a new security feature for our Employee E-Mail Suite to increase the encryption level of PDFs to 256-bit AES encryption.

*SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t heard this already, Microsoft is renaming “Dynamics GP 2018” to just “Dynamics GP”, dropping the major version indicator from the product name. As part of Microsoft’s migration away from big releases to more consistent, regular improvements to software systems, they are removing the “version” indicator on all of their product names. This also applies to their Office products, now called Office 365 and even Windows will no longer be seeing new “versions”. So, we can now welcome Dynamics GP to the family of version-less Microsoft products!

2019 Year-End Updates

Microsoft will be releasing their annual, year-end update for tax changes in November. One primary component of that release will be changes for the 2020 W-4. We’ve performed a comprehensive review of the form changes and the effect to the tax withholding calculation in Dynamics GP and are hopeful that the changes coming from Microsoft will be easily managed by Dynamics GP Payroll users.

If we identify a need when testing against the completed release, Integrity Data will release an update for our products to be compatible with this release as well.

NOTE that you will NOT have to apply an annual year-end update for the emailing of W-2s to your employees.

In the past, we have asked our customers to apply an update to accommodate changes to the W-2. Our 2019 mid-year release included a new feature that will prevent the need for you to do this! So unless there are major changes to the W-2, you can just download and apply that update today and not need to update later this year.

Employee E-Mail Suite will have one new feature added in our year-end release. This new feature addresses an issue where random earnings statements and/or W-2s fail to send. Currently, the user needs to send them again after this failure. This feature will allow the system to automatically retry to send emails that fail on the first attempt. Dynamics GP 2015 & Dynamics GP 2016 versions of Employee E-Mail Suite will also include the 256-bit encryption update at that time as well.

As always, we are hard at work to ensure our products are always up-to-date and easy to use. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us here.

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