5 Reasons to Move Your Dynamics ERP to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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If your Dynamics ERP environment is still sitting on a server at your office, please do your future self a big favor and keep reading.


First thing to know is – you’ve got options.  Just because you want to move to the cloud that doesn’t mean you have to move ERP platforms.  You can, but you don’t have to.


If you do want to move ERP platforms, as an existing Dynamics customer (terms and conditions apply) you can pick from any other Dynamics ERP solution in the family and you’ll get a transition credit!  That includes the new and popular Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, too.


The second thing to know are the benefits you are missing out on today by not hosting your ERP application on Azure.  The below infographic will fix that – you’re welcome.



You can't go wrong with Azure, a platform that's becoming the most popular cloud technology among enterprises, with Azure adoption growing from 45% to 52% in 2018.


As your business grows, you need a solution that can keep up with and accelerate growth, not one that will limit it.


Let our team show you how a cloud-based ERP solution like Microsoft Azure, can provide the kind of  visibility and control that enables more efficient operations, reduced downtime and better business decision-making. Contact us here today!

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