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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a very mature, tested and proven ERP solution; known for its robust financial and inventory management capabilities. However, many organizations seek additional supply chain execution and trading partner integration functionality in order to achieve a more enhanced total end-to-end solution.  MetaADCS Advanced Warehouse Solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Previously Dynamics NAV) that helps to control, optimize and automate your warehouse operations.

With access to real-time, accurate inventory data, your warehouse professionals save time locating items or performing physical inventories, sales representatives can keep tabs on stock availability, and buyers can maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs.

Directed pick/put-away processes, support for Automated Data Collection Systems (ADCS) and a variety of item tracking options including first expired/first out handling can take your warehouse management to a new level of efficiency. MetaADCS is available either via an On-Premise basis or by subscription.


  • Optimize warehouse space. Set up criteria to guide the most efficient pick patterns, bin quantities, and put-away locations. Pick items per order or to stage, consolidate packing, and save effort by taking advantage of cross-dock opportunities.
  • Streamline operations and increase productivity. Help reduce multiple handling and bottlenecks with directed pick and put-away. Input material handling information directly from the warehouse to help increase efficiency and reduce redundant data handling.
  • Improve order fulfillment.  Automatically update pick and process or pack status to help ensure timely, accurate order fulfillment and faster responses to status inquiries.
  • Gain flexibility for growth.  Choose the level of sophistication you need now with confidence that your solution can scale with your business growth and easily adapt to new processes, products, volumes, or technologies.


MetaADCS Warehouse Management Functionality Include:

Warehouse Inside

  • 2D Barcode and QR Code Scanning
  • Picks, Put-away, Movement, & Transfers
  • Activity logging
  • Integrated with Shipping
  • License plating
  • Programmable and Customizable

 Inbound Transaction

  • Deep support for QR barcode scanning
  • Unit of Measure
  • Location-specific put-away
  • Receive without scanning option

Outbound Transactions

  • Deep picking functionality
  • Auto-assign orders and license plates
  • Route optimization
  • FIFO, FEFO support and more

Site Transfer and In-Transit

  • In-Transit Locations
  • Powerful transfer capability

Business Intelligence

  • Dashboards
  • Standard reports
  • Driven by PowerBI

License Plates

  • License Plate holds
  • Nested License Plates
  • Field Service Support


  • Kitting
  • Job-Based and Job-Less Manufacturing
  • Consumption and Flushing
  • Replenishment Picks

Learn more about the functionality of the Warehouse Management System here.

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