Case Study: Leveraging the Data of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP System with Power BI

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We recently talked about how Microsoft Power BI dashboards can help you harness the data stored in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution: with Power BI, users don’t need direct access to the accounting solution to obtain the data they need, which remains secure and can be displayed in customizable dashboards. By working with a database specialist for the initial configurations, organizations can get exactly what they need from Power BI, maximizing visibility and insights.

This is how JOVACO helped an engineering consulting services firm to overcome its reporting challenges. This firm needed to get their employee information out of their ERP system efficiently and quickly, making it easily available to the management team for further analysis.

The firm needed additional visibility on:

  • Expertise by various dimensions
  • Salary equity reports
  • Age and experience by various dimensions
  • Staff movement by various dimensions, including start and end dates


One of the biggest challenges when we started working with the firm was correctly modeling the data: the different time periods that were being extracted needed to be managed so they would not affect the analysis, regardless of the time of year when the report or dashboard was being reviewed. As performance reviews were not all done at the same time across the organization, salary increases had to be modeled so that time would not be a variable, ensuring that headcount versus payroll data would be accurate for the various departments and groups.

Data is pulled from the firm’s Microsoft Dynamics GP and JOVACO Project solutions, and now made available in Power BI instead of static (SSRS) reports. The firm is now able to slice and dice the data and analyze it based on different attributes: pay equity standpoint, male/female pay standpoint, global view of the department or organization, salary increase percentages, etc. This information can then be reviewed at a granular level, top level or year over year, ensuring optimal visibility and keener insights into financial and project data.

JOVACO Solutions was able to correctly model the data based on the specific criteria of the firm. Thanks to this, managers now have access to the exact information they need for their analysis and review, allowing for optimal visibility and insights. The powerful business intelligence and analysis capabilities of Power BI then lets them manipulate and visualize this information to harness the true power of their data.


By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Power BI expert in Quebec

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