Dynamics 365 BC Payroll: Best Practices for Set-Up

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Dynamics 365 BC Payroll: Best Practices for Set-UpMaking a transition to a new platform for payroll is no easy task, especially for larger companies. It requires some planning on your part like when you would like to implement the change, and some communication with the payroll add-on company that you plan to use. At Integrity Data, we have come up with a few best practices to hopefully help make this transition to Dynamics 365 BC Payroll a bit easier.

Set reasonable expectations before starting

It is not recommended to implement a new payroll platform mid-year, but especially not mid-quarter . This can create possible issues with your quarterly 941 reporting. This could also be a problem if your tax codes are set up incorrectly in your old system. A lot of times we don’t realize we have set something up incorrectly until it comes time to implement into a new program. These inconsistencies can create problems from a historical data standpoint. You cannot load data into a new system if the codes in your old system are incorrect. It will take a little more time and costs to ensure your data is loaded into a system correctly.

Give yourself plenty of time

Starting in a new Microsoft Dynamics Business Central space can be tricky. Make sure you are prepared for any and all problems that could arise. Don’t expect to get into the space and be up and running with new company information and payroll information the next day. It does take time to set up. Allow a few months and let us help you with your payroll implementation.

Keep your old software

Using your old software during the time you are implementing is key. You will want to run payroll and match the calculations to ensure your payroll will run effectively without much headache. This will ensure that you have proper quarterly and annual reporting as well as accurate W-2s.

Engage experts in payroll and your new system

Ensuring your new Dynamics 365 BC Payroll system can meet your existing requirements and position your payroll team for future changes is critical. Payroll compliance is a moving target and having a trusted adviser in your corner can help you reduce costs related to your migration to the new platform. In addition, they can identify additional opportunities to improve your payroll processes.

We have payroll experts on staff who are ready and willing to help you implement your new Payroll NOW by Integrity Data solution. We would be more than happy to help with any needs that arise and create a specific implementation plan that is just right for you and your company.

Written by Nicole Sparrow, Payroll Consultant - Integrity Data

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