Do Mandated Sick Leave Laws Apply to YOU?

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Do Mandated Sick Leave Laws Apply to YOU?Whether it’s an infection or the chilling common cold, sick leave is a reality for your workforce. When sick leave is a form of paid time off, your employees receive the same pay as if they had completed a full day’s work. While there is no federal mandated sick leave law, multiple states, including Washington D.C., as well as some cities and counties across the country do have mandated sick leave laws.

Mandated sick leave laws ensure that businesses include paid sick leave for their employees. If your company is in a mandated sick pay state, city or county you must comply with their specific laws. The number of days and circumstances for sick leave vary as well as accrued time off rates, maximum accrual limits, and which employers must follow the law.

The mandated sick pay laws are a minimum. An employer can choose to go beyond the laws’ requirements. For example, they can give more paid sick days.

So, is your company affected?

*Here is a list of cities, counties, and states with mandated sick leave laws.


California Cities

Other Counties & Cities (Outside California)

*this list will be updated monthly

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